Detailed Interview With Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western’s CEO is Matthew Fleeger. He founded the company in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. Currently, he still holds the title of manager of the venture company. The firm works to build investor-based partnerships within the industry to combine their resources, experience and talents together. Each investor brought on board is taught to learn the risks and benefits of gas and oil exploration. The company is also big in philanthropic investments and helps to financially support seven non-profit charities and organizations.

How Did Your Company Make It Through The Recession?

Matthew Fleeger says he brought his company through the recession by focusing his energy on efficiency. To do this successfully, he took the time to evaluate every single aspect of his business to find ways to cut costs and overhead without having to lose workers.

How Did You Keep Your Employees Motivated During Tough Times?

Matthew made it his mission to explain to his employees and team members how committed he was about a successful future for the company. He was very open with his employees about what he was doing to posture the company for a better future so they weren’t as tempted to switch jobs.

How Do You Feel About The Current Climate Of The Oil Industry?

Mr. Fleeger has remained positive throughout his career and his outlook will continue to be a positive one. He believes that Gulf Coast Western is operating much more efficiently than ever before. He believes this will allow the company the flexibility to ride the ups and downs of the oil industry comfortably.

What Do You Think The Price Of Oil Will Be In The Next Year?

According to Matthew Fleeger, the trading range for oil in the coming year will be around $55 to $75 for WTI. He has based this estimate on fundamental economics.

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