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Human Rights Activist And Anti-Socialist Thor Halvorssen Thinks Bernie Sanders Is The Best Democratic Choice

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza is a film producer, Venezuelan human rights activist, and individual rights and civil liberties advocate. Halvorssen was recently interviewed by Fox News, and he talked about Democratic Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders, socialism, and Hillary Clinton. Halvorsen is a champion of the powerless and the underdogs. His mission in life is to right the endless wrongs in the world. Mr. Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, and he is president of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor also founded the Moving Picture Institute and he owns the leftist magazine Ny Tid.


Halvorssen is not a fan of socialism. Venezuela is one of the worse examples of a socialist state on the planet. Halvorssen graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science and History, so he is well-equipped to talk about the evils of socialism. Socialism has been a dirty word in the United States for decades, so it was a surprise when Halvorssen told the Fox interviewer that he supported Bernie Sanders for President. Bernie Sanders form of socialism isn’t the socialism Thor grew up knowing. Democratic Socialism is a hybrid form of the ideology. Democratic socialists believe the government should not control businesses and industries, but it should be responsible for providing adequate healthcare to all people, and it should treat all individuals equally when it comes to rights and services.


Bernie Sanders wants the government to take responsibility for the well-being of its constituents, and he wants to give the power back to the people. He is against Super PACs, big banks, and political favoritism. Halvorssen agrees with Sanders on those issues, but the main reason Thor is supporting Sanders is his distrust for Hillary Clinton. Clinton has supported causes and referendums that have gone against what Thor Halvorssen calls “political justice.”


Sanders is an underdog and Halvorssen believes Bernie is an underdog that can win the primary and the general election.

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