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Beauty Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural fat that comes from the nut of the African shea tree. It’s highly moisturizing and is used in many beauty products such as lotions, soaps, and hair conditioners. Surprisingly, it even offers UV protection.

Shea butter is rich in fatty acids that assist the skin in the production of collagen. It also naturally contains vitamins A, E, and F. It has been known to alleviate dry and cracked skin, heal blemishes and skin irritations, smooth wrinkles, and tame dry frizzy hair. Shea butter’s skin care and healing properties were first discovered thousands of years ago.

The earliest accounts of its use date all the way back to ancient Egypt. To this day, it continues to be a staple in Africa to protect the hair and skin against the extreme weather conditions.

Not all shea butter is created equally. High quality, raw, and unrefined shea butter has all of the moisturizing and medicinal properties stated above. It can be used for everything from fading scars and stretch marks to healing skin irritations. Poor quality, refined shea butter is basically only good to use as a moisturizer.

One of my favorite brands of shea butter is available as Collections – Eu’Genia Shea. The brand was inspired by a Ghanaian midwife’s (nicknamed Grandma Sunshine) best-kept secret. It’s raw and unrefined. Their products contain 95% shea content, which is far above the average 25% or less that most companies use.

Eu’Genia Shea offers a variety of potency shea butter tins depending on your need – one for everyday use, one for pregnancy use, and another that is a dermatological strength. The price runs from $12.50 to $17.50 depending on the product. If you would like purchase in bulk, the brand offers a gift pack that includes 4 shea butter tins for $40.

The founder, Naa-Sakle Akuete, decided she wanted to not only produce a high-quality product but to also help women in Northern Ghana in the process. It’s a “girl-power operation all the way down”, says Akuete. Eu’Genia Shea works with only female employees and offers job training. The workers harvest the shea nuts and earn above-average wages. Akuete says they are currently even helping Ma Sheitu, a mother of seven, pay for her children’s education.

George Soros Got a Plan to Save Ukraine

George Soros, a multi-billionaire investor, has a plan to rescue Ukraine from a crisis instigated by economic mismanagement as well as Russia’s invasion. George Soros calls for financial assistance to this struggling country including large scale budgetary assistance as well as incentives for the public sector.

He also calls for political reforms to establish competent judiciary, independent media, and honest civil service- all while combating corruption. One example of entrenched corruption is a need to pay a bribe to get a driver’s license.

For Soros, these reforms would establish New Ukraine as opposed to the Old Ukraine, which is demoralized and corrupted. This would also help the European Union nations in fending off Vladimir Putin and his aggressive policies such as those of annexing Crimean Peninsula and causing war in eastern Ukraine.

But, the Old Ukraine is still run by the oligarchs and old bureaucrats. These vested interests are likely to oppose deep reforms that would touch their own interests.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

George Soros also thinks that sanctions against Russia are a right measure and expose Putin’s economic mismanagement. He still thinks that Putin has advantages when it comes to the Ukrainian crisis. Russia is willing to pursue large-scale war, while Ukraine’s European allies are seeking to avoid conflict at any cost.

When it comes to financial assistance for Ukraine, the problem is that the Eurozone nations are already having problems solving the Greek debt crisis. Indeed, the crisis was postponed rather than solved. Moreover, the European nations are facing migration crisis as well as new issues and turmoil related to Brexit.

George Soros is highly critical of the current Russian regime. No wonder his foundations were banned from Russia as a threat to national security. Soros is known for his superior investment performance spanning decades as well as his liberal views. Not long ago, he advocated acceptance of millions of Middle Eastern migrants into Europe and financial support for them for at least two years.

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The Effects of Using Wen by Chaz

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Wen by Chaz Dean [] has become a very popular in the hair care community. It is also popular among those who frequently watch infomercials. It has been stated that WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner works wonders on hair. Wen’s treatment and styling products are also claimed to work on all hair types, including thin and fine hair. One reviewer, with thin and fine hair, recently tried the Amazon best selling variety of products by Wen and chronicled each day to see if there was a noticeable difference. While she was skeptical of over using the product compared with the amount of product she was used to using, the reviewer decided to follow the packaging directions. After her initial use of the product this reviewer quickly noted that her hair felt and looked thicker. She also noted that she shed less hair after using Wen. This reviewer also noted that the Wen product made her thin hair feel oily. She noted that by using the product every day, her hair felt and looked great initially, indicating that use of the product may be required daily for optimal results. By the end of the first week of using Wen products this reviewer concluded, in her opinion, that if you have fine hair, Wen products are better suited if you plan on washing and styling your hair every day. She also noted that those who do not plan on wishing their hair every day may experience oiliness. Another tip that might help those with fine and thin hair is to use a lesser amount than what is recommended on the packaging.


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Benefit Your Business with a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia and one of the largest resources for the public to utilize. In today’s era, it takes the place of what used to be the public library. The information that you find at Wikipedia is not written by content writers. In fact, anyone can create, edit or update a Wikipedia page; and it is intended to inform the reader with accurate material on just about anything. Wikipedia editors monitor all the information submitted to their site and will take necessary actions to delete any information that does not follow the rules or is knowingly inaccurate. 

Once you can get past all of the necessary protocol, your business can truly benefit by having a Wikipedia page. It can provide credibility to your brand and reputation which can result in increased sales. It also allows your business to be available and recognized in search engines. It is highly recommended to hire a Wikipedia expert writer to ensure that your business and reputation is represented fairly and without bias. Get Your Wiki is a great place to hire a wikipedia writer to help you quickly get your information listed.

Advertising, marketing or self-promotion is not allowed and is not the intention of Wikipedia. There are strict guidelines if you intend to start a page. Your information will need to be configured properly. You will also need to have reliable resources, references and adhere to wikipedia’s style manual. This process can be a demanding process, especially for a beginner. This is why hiring a Wikipedia editor is suggested. Submitted properly, your page could produce serious growth for your business and reputation. 

Unfortunately, there are times when people will take advantage of what wikipedia was intended to be used for. Robert Brady, an Irish football player, took interest of his own wikipedia page after his win at the Euro 2016 football tournament. With the intention of having fun, he began changing his name on his page to different aliases.