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How To Throw A Party Like A Professional Event Planner

Pulling off a successful, memorable and stress-free party can be quite a challenge. With so many things that have to go just right, it’s no wonder that so many people end up hiring event planners in NYC.


However, some people simply can’t afford to hire a professional planner. The good news is that by staying organized, learning how to simplify the big stuff and embracing your creativity, you can throw a seamless and unforgettable party for your loved ones.


We asked professional party and corporate event planners NYC has to offer for their best party-planning tips.



  1. Familiarize Yourself with Spreadsheet Software


Even if you’re just having an intimate dinner party for ten guests, you can seriously benefit from using spreadsheets. Industry professionals highly recommend using this software to stay organized from day one. With spreadsheets, you can keep track of shopping lists, your guest list and to-do lists.



  1. Simplify the Menu


Even if you are a gifted cook, making tons of food from scratch to please a home full of guests can wear you out. When it comes to party food, it’s best to simplify. Instead of cooking a multi-course meal, stick to appetizers that are easy to prepare. Otherwise, you’ll be worn out by the time that your guests arrive.



  1. Create a Theme


If you want your party to stand out in the memories of your guests for years to come, create a clever and unique theme for your party. A fun theme adds a festive edge to a party of any size. You can use this theme to come up with decor ideas as well as your menu.



  1. Let Guests Serve Their Own Drinks


Instead of running around filling the glasses of every guest, allow them to serve themselves. Create a bar area in your home that is stocked with different beverages, mixers and glasses.



  1. Hire a Professional


If you can afford it, there’s nothing wrong with turning to a professional event planner for some extra help. These industry professionals can handle the hard work while you just focus on hosting.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the most popular event planning companies in NYC. They can handle small dinner parties as well as huge corporate events. They are a full-service planning company that can provide every service under the sun from professional photography to catering.


Making The Lives of Medical Professionals Easier with the Help of Brian Torchin

HCRC Staffing is owned and operated under the authority of President Brian Torchin. This online resource is for medical professionals to come and find employment as well as to help doctors find and locate jobs for a number of years.

Torchin knows the stress from trying to locate a job as he was once a medical practioner himself. He holds a bachelor’s degree in the background of exercise science and once help a position in chiropractic medicine.

Before Brian worked in this background, he would struggle to find positions that were right for him and that would allow him to hold practice. The medical field is a vast range of professionals all dying to gain the same positions.

The amount of people available for jobs outranks the number of positions that are actually available. For this reason, it can be hard for some people to find a job. With this in mind, Brian decided that it was time that he help to do something to change that. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Because of this gap, Brian started the company HCRC Staffing. This business was created to help close the gap. In order to provide services for medical professionals and hospitals, Brian Torchin created a business that would allow these places to work together and make connections that might not otherwise been able to be made.

This is a place where the employer and the employee can both come together to make a connection and where he can help to bring those who might not otherwise have known each other to meet. This allows for professionals and employers to gather and know one another outside of the hospital setting.

Brian Torchin is also a face that some might have seen all over the web through contacts in social media settings like LinkedIn or Facebook. If you have seen his name on your news feed, you most likely seen that he helps to bring together prospective employees through advertisements of his connections in medical jobs through the use of hospitals and other medical settings.

You will see a number of positions open throughout the United States on his Facebook profile page. He brings his social media to job connections to a whole new level.

David Giertz Has Some Things To Say About The State of Social Security

Dave Giertz aged 52 is the president National Wide financials sales and distribution organization (NFS Distributors Inc.). His job entails formulating strategies in the organization. He also has the task of seeing the targeted group adopts other services like the insurance and the retirement. His skills and efforts have seen him get promoted to various levels in the organization. David Giertz joined the firm in the year 2004 as the president of financial institutional distributions channel. After servicing in the sector for more than five years, he was added the task of warehouse distribution channel before being promoted to his current seat.

His success has been contributed by him being a product of the University Millikin where he got is an undergraduate degree in business administration and management. Later he joined the Miami University where he got his master’s in business. It prepared him well for the challenges in the workplace on In the workplace; he has also been seen to have the skills in life insurance, finance mutual funds retirements planning among much more.

Dave’s views on social security

He believes there are many misconceptions regarding the topic of the social security fund. A study conducted showed that a significant number of persons who were retiring were not conversant about the issue. David Giertz thinks that the social security fund is meant to help in later years and should not be seen as a retirement plan. He urges the persons to try to find or formulate retirement plan. He believes that the confusion arises in the coincidence of the retirement age and the age at which you start taking the social security fund.

A study conducted by his firm indicated that the health factor was a primary cause of failure to have the planned retirement benefit on The corresponded stated that the ailments caught up with the earlier hence they were unable to plan well for their retirement. It got noted that working with the advisors played a significant role in having a successful retirement plan. The expert encourages one to delay collecting the social security funds as they usually have high interest in later years.


Wine Investing Becomes A Major Area Of Growth For UKV PLC

The latest changes being made in the wine industry can be seen in the services the UKV PLC wine merchant is offering to its customers as the company is seeking to make sure it offers a range of wines for investment purposes to its ever expanding group of customers.

The company offers its customers a full range of services to make sure they not only invest in wines that provide the best opportunity of making a profit in future years, but also seek to help their customers aware of all the aspects of investing that are often ignored by other wine merchants.

As an independent company without any formal links to specific wineries, vineyards, or suppliers in specific areas of the wine producing world UKV PLC allows its team of experts to give wine investing advice they feel will benefit their customers. One area UKV PLC feels is extremely important for their customers to understand is the continued use of taxation on investments of all kinds, including wines that are often misunderstood by clients in both the U.K. and other countries around the world.

Not only has UKV PLC built its reputation on providing the best advice available to customers entering and continuing their work in the wine industry, but this impressive wine merchant is also respected for the personal service that is always available from its team of wine experts; UKV PLC experts will discuss a range of options for customers over the phone or in person if a client feels more comfortable working in this way. UKV PLC will also assist their wine customers with a series of options that include the ability to provide storage services that ensure each and every bottle of investment wine is kept in the correct and secure way at all times for a client.