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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Outsells Amazon

As the athleisure trend continues to rise in popularity, Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand Fabletics reigns supreme among the world of workout fashion. The famous actress has demonstrated a remarkable understanding of the needs of the modern fashion customer and has taken bold risks in order to rise to the top.


The brand, which is less than five years old, is known for selling high-quality athletic apparel that has a cute and fashionable edge. On the company’s website, customers can sift through endless leggings, sports bras and gym bags that vary tremendously in style and color.


What makes Fabletics stand out from all of the other athletic apparel companies is its subscription service model. Customers can shop on the Fabletics website or sign up to become VIP members. Upon signing up to the VIP membership program, customers must fill out a lifestyle quiz. This quiz is full of questions that relate to the customer’s favorite types of workouts as well as their preferred fashion styles. This quiz allows Fabletics to select an outfit for the customer based on their unique tastes. Then, each month, the customer receives a complete workout outfit in the mail for a monthly fee of $49.95.


Customers who join the VIP membership program love the convenience of letting Fabletics pick out the outfit. They also love the value. Women who spend a good deal of money each year on workout gear love that they can receive a complete outfit for such a fair price each month.


Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind, signed up to join the VIP membership program for the convenience. When her first Fabletics outfit arrived, she noticed the high quality of materials used to make each piece. Even after having washed each item several times, she noticed that the colors don’t run and the patterns don’t fade.


Like Teri, Fabletics VIP members enjoy the fact that they can receive high-quality and extremely fashionable athletic gear for such an affordable price. By becoming VIP members, they pay less per item.



Physical Retail


Over the last couple of years, Kate Hudson has been opening up brick-and-mortar Fabletics outlets in various regions throughout the country. These stores act as reverse showrooms, promoting the brand’s website and its online VIP membership program. For customers who need to see the clothes up close in person before signing up, they can do so while being educated about the program from Fabletics store employees.


Fabletics also uses online data to stock each store. If certain items are more popular in one region of the country, the Fabletics store in that region will feature those items. If a particular item is trending on social media, it will be placed in a prominent section of the stores.


This unique strategy has been highly successful. About 25 percent of shoppers who walk into a Fabletics store leave as VIP members. The brand is launching more stores around the world over the next five years. Fabletics is now valued at over $150 million and earns more each year than Amazon’s workout apparel department.


If you’re ready to start receiving fashionable workout gear each month, visit the Fabletics website and take the lifestyle quiz today.

A Timeline Of The Lifeline Screening Company

Lifelife Screening is a company that was founded in 1993 in the state of Florida. In 1996, Lifeline Screening begin to expand outside of Florida and began offering its services to the Midwest. Services offered at the Lifeline Screening company were found to be comparable to those offered at medical laboratories at a study done at the University of South Florida in 1998. This proved that Lifeline Screening offers high quality and trusted diagnostic and screening services.

1999, saw Lifeline Screening further expand its screening services across the United States and reach over half a million people with preventive health care. 2002 was another major year for Lifeline Screening. It saw the company screen over 1 million people and be the first major screening company to provide services from the east coast all the way to the west coast and in between. A second study was done at the Cleveland Clinic that also helped prove the validity and accuracy of diagnostic and screening services provided by Lifeline Screening to patients.

In 2005, Lifeline Screening hit another milestone with over three million people receiving screening and preventive healthcare from the company. 2006 saw Lifeline Screening employ over 1000 employees at the company. 2007 was the year the company screened over 5 million people in the United States. 20,000 screening events were also hosted by the company that year. This was also the year that finger-stick blood testing was added to the screening service to test for cholesterol, blood sugar and inflammation. 2007 also saw Lifeline Screening support research initiatives at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the American Vascular Association.

Lifeline Screening also launched its first screening services in the UK in 2007. 2008 saw the addition of atrial fibrillation to screening procedures. In 2012, Lifeline Screening began screening patients in Australia under a different name called Screen For Life.



Expert Tips For Throwing The Perfect Dinner Party

Everyone dreams of throwing a successful dinner party with amazing food and a festive atmosphere. Of course, no matter how many guests you invite, there’s lots of room for error. From accidentally serving raw chicken to forgetting a guest’s dietary restrictions, it’s no surprise that so many people get stressed out at the very thought of hosting a party all on their own.


Of course, there are numerous event planners in NYC who can help you plan your dinner party. However, for many, hiring one of the many event planning companies in NYC is too costly and simply not an option. That’s why we asked some professional party planners for their advice when it comes to throwing a successful dinner party. This list of tips will ensure that your dinner party runs as smoothly as possible.



How to Throw a Low-Stress Dinner Party



  1. Make a Simple Menu


If you’re planning on doing the cooking, be honest with yourself. Can you really pull off a meal that consists of five courses and manage to clean and decorate your home in a timely manner? Unless you’re extremely experienced with throwing dinner parties, find some shortcuts that will allow you to save some time in the kitchen.



  1. Create a Kid’s Table


If your guests are bringing their kids, create a space nearby that’s just for children. Set up a table that’s equipped with kid-friendly dishware and some toys and activities that will keep them occupied while the adults socialize.



  1. Stick to Simple Place Settings


An elegant dinner table doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of hiring a florist to create luscious table decorations, stick to a theme and a color scheme and use some ribbons and single flowers in stem vases to set the mood.



Hire a Professional


If you’re not the type of person who is great at cooking and decorating, there’s no shame in hiring a professional. Twenty Three Layers is a team of professional party planners who can handle small dinner parties as well as huge corporate luncheons. As one of the top party and corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers can take care of everything from the food to the decor.