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How Nick Vertucci Got Into The Real Estate Business

In the business world, being enlightened followed by planning of sustainable strategies is key to success. You will need to train and hear from the gurus in your industry to help you understand what needs to be done in your business so that you van be successful on And if you are in the real estate industry and looking forward to learning the basic and what is required in order for you to turn it into a profitable business, then you need to talk to Nick Vertucci.

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate professional who has been in this industry for more than a decade. Although, he is a millionaire now, courtesy of the real estate business, he was not always this rich. He started by attending a seminar upon an invitation by his friend. His friend has invited him to this particular with the aim of helping him get a way of getting a way to beat the financial strain that he was in. He had gone to the drains after his computer parts business collapsed due to failure of planning for the future.

His friend who was so interested in helping him, insisted that they attend the real estate seminar and they did. That was the beginning of his success. Nick Vertucci found himself intrigued by everything that the speaker had to say. He saw an opportunity that would solve his financial problems. Therefore, when the seminar was over, he decided to apply what he had learnt. He realized that it was paying off but knew that he was still far from what he wanted to achieve. Therefore, he vowed to continue attending similar seminars until he knew everything that there was to learn about the business on But even after he had learnt it all, he was not quick to start training other people. Not until he was a millionaire to prove that his system indeed works. And, when he did he began training other people.

Today Nick Vertucci is the proud owner of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy trains people on all they need to have successful real estate careers. He targets people with a passion for the real estate industry, but no money, no experience and no formal training in the industry. His is a simple philosophy of get in, get out and start making money at

Julie Zuckerberg’s Brilliant Mind in Talent Recruitment

Many financial institutions appreciate Julie Zuckerberg as a remarkable executive talent staffing professional. Julie’s experience in recruiting proves to be unrivaled, especially in the financial industry. She has successfully worked with many companies where her humble personality was exceptionally refined. The fact that Julie is a consultant for high-ranking organizations like Deutsche Bank is enough proof that she is keen on her endeavors. Besides, companies admire her ability to handle the millennial generation, which comprises of many to whom work does not deem essential. With experts like Julie, motivating such characters lights up her heart. Despite having an impressive hands-on experience, Julie also boasts of her impressive education background.


Zuckerberg’s Journey to Successful Recruitment


Julie pursued Psychology as a discipline from City of New York, Brooklyn College. Usually, working as a recruiter in the financial community demands an integration of philosophy and psychology. Fascinatingly, Zuckerberg holds impressive knowledge in both disciplines. You would be wrong to conclude that Julie had it all easy making her way up the ladder. It took quality time for her to learn how to address people in a new labor force. It is not something that grew overnight, or in a fortnight either. Pursuit and determination made the quest what it is now. It is all success at Deutsche Bank. It is a good employer, rhyming Julie Zuckerberg, an excellent recruiter.


Secrets Propelling Julie’s Constant Growth


Julie Zuckerberg is attentive to social media platforms. They help her pick out potential employees with ease. From her observation, trained people produce better results. Following her unparalleled experience, Julie knows when to opt for employees with expertise in staffing. They help her a great deal when interviewing prospective employees. Worth noting is that Zuckerberg is keen to details concerning potential employees. During recruitment, Julie must use employee information to guide her through the process. Whenever time allows, she prefers having an open dialogue with the employees.


Julie’s Inspiring Career Progression


Julie Zuckerberg’s profession started taking shape during her tenure at Hudson. She served for five years as the director of candidate placement. She also played a crucial role in leading recruitment of various categories of professionals. Apart from that, her broad spectrum of clients depended on her for resolution of conflicts at the workstations. After leaving Hudson in 2007, Julie joined Citi Global Functions. While there she served as the vice president and sole recruiter. In fact, she was the one who conscripted the CitiCards director and M.D. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Julie had served at New York Life Insurance. Her tenure lasted four months, ending February 2014. Her sharp mind has always scaled her high in the recruitment sector.


While Away from Business


Julie is a lover of life. She spends her leisure time enhancing her knowledge of the tech industry, taking photos, or running. Additionally, Julie does her best to impact art and culture. Charity works also contribute to Julie’s great likes. She even goes to the extents of fighting for the welfare of animals. The New Yorker connects socially on LinkedIn AND Twitter despite being said to be shy on social platforms.




Tim Armour strong supporter of Warren Buffett’s investment strategies

Wealthy investor Warren Buffett has made a $1 million wager on the grounds that he can make better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers who strictly invest in an S&P 500 index fund. This year Warren Buffett is expected to win the bet and collect that $1 million. He promised to give the winnings to charity.Warren Buffett disagrees with the “active versus passive” argument, saying it is not beneficial to investors. Warren Buffett can spot strong fund managers by filtering investors through two filters including low expenses and high manager ownership. Fund managers who have invested large amounts of their own funds will bring a small group of investors who have outpaced the competition to the front.

Timothy Armour is a Los Angeles based investor who has supported Buffett’s views on “bottom-up” investing and having a strong portfolio. Buffett has been telling Americans that they need to save more for retirement than what they have been in the past. Buffett is also encouraging Americans to get invested and stay invested.Tim Armour is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at the Capital Group, where he has gained over 32 years of investment experience. Tim Armour launched his career with Capital in their Associates Program.

Earlier in his investment career, he began as an equity investments analyst and was responsible for American service companies along with global communications.Capital Group elected Tim Armour as Chairman in 2015. Tim Armour received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He has appeared on several television networks including CNBC and MSNBC. Tim Armour is ready and willing to help anyone invest the right way and advise them in any way he sees fit. Tim Armour continues to grow Capital Group as a strong and successful investment and looks to the future.