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The Intelligent, Successful Businessman- Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known businessman based in Dubai. He started out with food business that made him famous. With that, he attracted many customers including the US army. While in the business, he established the need to venture into real estate. Hussain Sajwani is recognized as a pioneer in market development and expansion. He initiated the idea of building more hotels to accommodate the increasing population in Dubai.


Sajwani family has an exciting business relationship with Donald Trump. Trump and Hussain Sajwani have both ventured into real estate. A friendly relationship exists between them since Trump’s daughter enjoys an affectionate association with Hussain Sajwani’s wife. Trump’s children have also gone a step further to being brand ambassadors of their real estate wealth. As such, they have marketed their real estates to billionaires in other foreign countries.


The DAMAC group came into existence in 2002. This was during the period when Dubai faced a six-year lift off of the real estate boom. The company is located in Dubai and serves many investors both in Dubai and the Middle East. As such, Hussain Sajwani recognized the need for property investment and acted fast. The group engages in the development of the commercial leisure as well as residential real estate property. In 2008, there was a foreseen crash of the Company as sales deteriorated. However, the DAMAC owner and his team devised ways of cutting down costs and keeping their working capital balanced.


The DAMAC group has worked with fashion and style companies. The collaboration has seen the emergence of new and incredibly fascinating concepts in the world. During the UAE Compassion campaign, Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC group made contributions. A total of AED 1 million was contributed towards the course of the compassion. Moreover, the contributions aided refugees who had been victims of the Huda. Also, the DAMAC Maison is known for the provision of numerous offerings that have provided hospitality to the needy people who reside within their premises. Hussain Sajwani is, therefore, an intelligent businessman who is known for his humanitarian acts. Also, his DAMAC group is highly regarded.

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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews from Grateful Clients

Few companies are offering credible debt settlement services. Freedom Debt Relief is one of the companies which negotiates with creditors to resolve debts on behalf of clients. The company helps you pay up the debt in a comfortable way without strains. With excellent debt repayment programs, Freedom Debt Relief has assisted many clients in clearing their debts. As a result, many of them give genuine Freedom Debt Relief reviews.

Rita J. is one of the clients who has received help from Freedom Debt Relief in paying up her debts. When she got a daughter, everything was okay, but over time she spent much. One of her credit cards got into a twenty thousand debt. As a result, she got worried but looked for a company that can walk with her in repaying the debt. Rita found Freedom Debt Relief. The company engaged her in a program that ensured her debt was cleared within a short time. It was a simple process, and her life gained balance and peace.

Matt W. is another grateful client who has benefited from Freedom Debt relief services and wrote a  Freedom Debt Relief review. Mr. Watt got broke, became worried as well as stressed. With a family, he had to use his credit card until he got into serious debt. He received collection calls daily, and he decided to contact Freedom Debt Relief for assistance. He was educated about how to handle debts, and the company helped him pay his creditors. Mr. Watt felt relieved, and his life took a positive turn after the debt settlement.

Freedom Debt Relief is the leading company in debt settlement services. It is evident the company has helped many clients settle their debts. They use simple programs considering clients’ financial status and situations. With a team of financial experts, the company will continue to offer excellent services to those in debt and those who require financial guidance in debt settlement.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Shows Innovation And Respect For Bradesco’s Traditions

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO at Bradesco and they are a high-powered Brazilian banking firm which vies for market leadership in the private segment. Trabuco, as he is commonly known, has a rich and varied history with the bank and has spent over four decades in faithful service to them. The heritage and business culture that has identified Bradesco since their founding are intimately known by him and he is able to merge the modern demands of business with the traditions of the institution.

Bradesco has long practiced what they call continuity and renewal and Trabuco is an excellent example of this policy. He has served in various managerial posts throughout the bank and has a wide range of experience to draw upon. His leadership skills were finely honed during his time in Marketing, Insurance, and Pensions to name several important areas.

One innovation that Luiz Carlos Trabuco initiated when he was leading the Marketing division at Bradesco was the establishment of a relationship with the financial press in Brazil. This was a first for the company and it illustrates Trabuco’s understanding of the necessities of modern business. This effort helps increase their brand awareness among the public and upgrades their communications substantially.

Another coup that Trabuco had a hand in during his time in Marketing was the sponsorship by their Insurance division of the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro. This was a large and popular campaign that brought the public’s notice to Bradesco Seguros, their Insurance business. It ran for 20 consecutive years and was an excellent way to make Bradesco a part of one of the most festive times of the year and engender good will.

When Trabuco was appointed to the CEO position he initiated another innovative program to help develop the next echelon of leadership for the bank. He established a corporate university called Unibrad to promote worthy candidates to higher leadership posts and they were required to speak publicly at the company with plans and strategies for moving the company forward.

Trabuco showed his adaptability when he put forth another important reform for Bradesco. He has utilized outside personnel from time to time to bring in the most talented people to fill important positions. This is also a first for Bradesco as hitherto they had exclusively promoted from within. They still practice this to a high degree, but will now consider qualified candidates from outside Bradesco as well. Once again, Trabuco shows great respect for Bradesco’s traditions and yet helps move the company forward with innovation and modernization.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco follows the actions of his predecessors as he avoids ostentatious displays of wealth and extravagant habits. His apparel consists of modest, business fashions that articulate the seriousness of his high position. Trabuco is known to keep a traditional schedule and works long days that sometimes extend into business dinners.

The position of CEO at Bradesco is an important one in Brazilian society and carries with a great deal of influence. On a regular basis, Trabuco’s commentary about finances and the markets are sought out by the financial press and high-ranking business and political figures. Some of Brazil’s most expensive financial projects are completed with resources supplied by Bradesco and important economic decisions must be made by him on an ongoing basis.

The tenure of Trabuco as Bradesco’s CEO has been characterized by substantial organic growth and he has built upon the foundation laid by his predecessor Márcio Cypriano who used strategic acquisitions to help them grow. Bradesco has added over 7 million new accounts under Trabuco and continues to compete for market leadership in Brazil.

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