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Eric Lefkofsky Helps Make the Cancer Industry Better

Since Eric Lefkofsky started Tempus, he knew he was going to be a huge influencer when it came to cancer. He has worked hard to come up with a cure, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it all on his own. By making all the right moves with his clients and with the people who he worked with, Eric Lefkofsky knew things would continue to get better as long as he was working toward a positive solution on his own. He also knew there were many things he would be able to do to help other people out with the issues they were facing.

Even when Eric Lefkofsky was making the right moves with other businesses, he always wanted to do something that was more meaningful. By starting out with smaller companies, he knew he would have the chance to make the most out of the situations other people were in. Without the help he was happy to provide, cancer patients wouldn’t have the hope they currently do. He has made such a big difference that even doctors are interested in what he is doing and how his company is working because of the issues others face.

Now, the costs for sequencing are coming down by quite a lot. As a business professional, Eric Lefkofsky feels he can accurately predict they will continue to drop. He wants to be sure everyone is going to have the chance for the best treatment possible no matter what they are doing. He also wants people to be aware of all the positive outcomes that will be a result of the big changes in the company. He hopes things will get better no matter what people are going through in their cancer journey or with the treatment process they are experiencing.

Even though Eric Lefkofsky has continued to make money while working a business, that is not the goal. He would be happy if he wasn’t making any money. The point of Tempus was to make sure loved ones and people who he didn’t even know were getting the right access to everything they need while they are going through cancer treatment. He just wanted to make a difference in lives instead of having to deal with all the issues that would traditionally come from having a big business and making a lot of money from that business for his own good.

Dr.Scott Rocklage’s Significant Contribution to the Growth of 5AM Ventures

The 5AM venture is one business that you cannot mention without speaking of Dr. Scott Rocklage who has commanded widespread respect throughout this company. Dr. Scott believes that the company is in its early stages of formation, reason why he came up with the name 5AM. He is an established business owner and manager of the company from the year 2004, though he joined in 2003 as a venture partner. Dr. Scott is well versed with healthcare management, and he has as well served in other various leadership positions, such as the CEO EPIRUS in 2016, President at Amersham Health, and chairman at Novira Therapeutics, just to mention but a few. Learn more:


Dr. Scott is an excellent time manager and knows his priorities too well; this has made him excel. He is one person you would always want to consult not only for his perspective in business but also the vast knowledge that he has gathered for years. He is yet to disappoint in any positions he has held.


Dr. Scott has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has also invented and owns more than 30 US patents, and he has over 100 publications reviewed by his peers.


His motivation is derived from helping entrepreneurs shape their ideas to become potential medicines. By the fact that he understands his strengths, Dr. Scott has been able to thrive in challenging moments.


Dr.Scott is never afraid of taking risks. He also encourages people to do the same for he firmly believes that people can only excel when they are in control of their future. He encourages startups to try and stand on their own instead of opting to render their services to established organizations. Through his leadership skills, Dr. Scott has made sure that 5AM hires people with diverse backgrounds like law, medicine, and finance which are essential in the management of businesses that specialize in science.


Dr. Scott is much thrilled by the recent advancements in cancer treatment, making it treatable in various ways. He researches widely to enhance his knowledge in business as well as his performance, and one of the books he recommends others to read is the “Good to Great.”