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Eric Lefkofsky : Improving Cancer Treatment and Research

Cancer treatment and research has presently fallen behind what is possible with modern science. The advent of genetic research and technology to document the human genome has helped researchers find new perspectives and methods to improve the life and treatment outcomes for cancer patients. This is unparalleled based on previous methods of research and opens up the opportunity for making drugs and treatment protocols that are preventative, or target specific genetic factors.

In order to make these modalities versatile and applicable for public use, it is important that cancer research is paired with the clinical setting. Much of the limitations experienced are because of limited data collection or sample sizes. Small data sets available for public use have led researchers to the problem of getting adequate information. Not only are they unable to make large scale conclusions, but the available data sets do not accurately represent what a majority of patients may be experiencing.

There are a few ways that these issues can be addressed.By including technology that documents molecular information such as size and shape, it will be possible for physicians to inform the research process in the course of treating and managing their patients. This would be possible with the use of and integration of novel technologies that document and share patient information a centralized database.

Eric Lefkofksy, co-founder of Tempus Labs encourages this movement so that patients and medical providers alike can advance to the next stages of cancer treatment and research development. Including new technologies that are designed for the betterment of clinical and research outcomes will help all parties to create the most steadfast and useful results. Over time it will be easier to make larger decisions and macroscopic observations with these practices.

Tempus Labs focuses on improving oncology practice and research with the use of innovative technologies and tools. The techniques that bioengineers, designers and biologists use everyday are improved with the help of research and applications from Tempus. The goal of these initiatives is to bring cancer research and progress forward so that patients can receive the most competent care and the best results in their prognosis.


The Events Led to Frontera Fund

On October 18, 2017 evening, the armed Selective Enforcement Unit members of Maricopa County Sheriff stormed into the houses of Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey. The journalists of Village Voice Media were arrested and forcibly put into dark tinted SUVs with Mexican license plates. Both of them were admitted into two different jails controlled by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The arrests were orchestrated by Arpaio who claims the toughest Sheriff of the country. He was angry about his misdeeds being exposed by Phoenix New Times. The newspaper covered detailed reports featuring his role in creating anti-Mexican fear in Arizona.


While mainstream newspapers kept away from covering him, Phoenix New Times investigated and published detailed articles featuring the mismanagement and financial irregularities in the sheriff’s office. It also included how abuse of power against the critics, inadequate and substandard conditions in his jails, the abuse and deaths of prison inmates, racial profiling done by him, unconstitutional detention of Hispanic community, ill-treatment, and more. Both the reporters were arrested for publishing a grand jury order in Phoenix New Times.


The subpoenas demanded the details of news writers, news editors, and online readers, including their personal information such as IP address and browsing history. Both Lacey and Larkin wrote about the instructions, and when a few jail inmates asked them the reason for the arrest, they simply replied: “writing.” Due to the national outcry, Arpaio was forced to release both the journalists within 24 hours by dropping all the charges against them. The detention also led to a major legal battle at Court of Appeals focusing on First Amendment Rights as well as abuse of power.


In 2012, the Ninth Court observed that both the journalists were detained without any valid reason. The decision by the court also stamped a settlement amount worth $3.7 million to both the journalists from Maricopa County. The journalists set up Frontera Fund using the money to help the Hispanic community who are facing various civil and racial abuses in Arizona. Larkin said that he is taught from childhood that one should lend their hands of support to the less fortunate, and he found Hispanic community in the state is the most deserving group.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Provide Relief to Arizona Residents

Since Joe Arpaio’s initial election in 1992, he has been a blemish on the entire State of Arizona. He began his career in law enforcement by creating a self-proclaimed concentration camp called Tent City and to this day continues his immoral and illegal activities.


Two victims of Arpaio have had enough. After Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists, were arrested by Arpaio for something they published in their newspaper, they sued. The result was a 3.75 million dollar settlement that they used to create two new organizations. One of the organizations was a newspaper and the other was a charity.


Both organizations focus on informing people on issues that pertain to them. Front Page Confidential, the new newspaper divides their time between civil rights issues, politics and educating their readers on how to protect their first amendment rights. Ever since Larkin and Lacey had their first amendment rights stomped on, they have been using their journalistic voice to prevent similar circumstances from happening to any other United States citizen.


The other organization they formed, The Frontera Fund, a charity, works with other organizations such as the American Immigration Council, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, and Center for Neighborhood Leadership to provide information and assistance to the local immigrant community.


Lacey and Larkin, with their newfound altruism fights for the migrant, civil and human rights of not just the residents of Arizona, but citizens all over the nation.





Securus Technologies Revolutionizing the Judicial System

Securus Technologies’ main aim is to provide criminal and civil justice to citizens all over the country. This is achieved by providing a platform whereby crimes can be traced back to the criminals who performed the offense by listening to the phone recordings available for that particular case. They also develop products on a weekly basis to assist law enforcers in preventing and solving various crimes. To know where they stand as far as service provision is concerned, Securus Technologies gathers feedback from multiple beneficiaries of their technology as a means of rating themselves.


From the feedback, those who used the technology found it easy to get warrants of arrest based on the data from the phone calls. The tool made it much simpler to bring to justice the corrupt government officials as the phone call recording served as evidence against them. The phone call and text message monitoring also helped in curbing drug use amongst the inmates and even a possibility of engagement in illegal activities amongst the inmates. From the reports obtained, Securus has made a significant step in ensuring safety various individuals.


The leaders of the correctional facilities believe that with new development within the Securus Technologies, this will help in investigations and improve jail security. The investigation tool enables investigations to proceed in absent of physical harassment or even when the security of the accused is at is at stake. In general, Securus has revolutionized the investigation domain by bringing forth various tools that make it much easier to investigate a case regardless of the obstacles that might be in place. The society, inmates and their families have all benefitted from the technology for it helps all keep safe irrespective of where they are. Securus has therefore made sure that all crimes are accounted for by the relevant criminals by making sure that the judiciary has all it needs to pass their verdict.