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Rocketship Education Sets the Tone for The Future

Rocketship Education has a unique name, however it doe live up to the exciting aura of its name. The results from this elementary school level public charter school have been spectacular, to say the least. Rocketship establishes itself in lower-income areas where the tax base has shrunk to meager proportions.

This sad situation creates an educational gap for which the children in the area will never recover. Consequently when Rocketship Education places one of their learning centers in such an area it is generally very well received.

Rocketship makes it a point to involve everyone possible in the community to leaders, parents, business leaders, and other interested parties. Once people understand that the Rocketship Education program is more than just talk, they become enthusiastic because of the track record of Rocketship.

Rocketship students, called Rocketeers graduate on the average at least a full year ahead of their peers who attend public schools. The test scores of the alumni from Rocketship show much higher results than public school students, and the Rocketeers are more adapted to the study of new subjects because they have been taught how to learn.

Rocketeers learn math, science, reading, and social studies. Other topics such as art, music, dance, crafts, cooking, and other lifestyle subjects are introduced to produce a well-rounded student. The core values of respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistent are constantly worked into the curriculum. These are traits that good students have to have instinctively which also enhances their ability to become good citizens.

Going to school at Rocketship Education is fun and exciting as the students are led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers and assistant teachers. Partnerships with parents allow them to be assistants and helpers as well, and the students are excited to see parents involved. Parents can be as involved as they wish, even to the point of becoming community leaders. Their input is valued highly as everything with Rocketship is very transparent.

There is much less of the traditional classroom setting with Rocketship where students sit in one place all the time. There is plenty of small groups, digital learning using the best technology available, and one on one tutoring sessions. The results speak for themselves, as Rocketeers have some of the best test scores in the nation.

Fabletics Wants to Go Up Against Giant Retailers

Fabletics has grown into a company that is successful and knows what they are doing. They always want to make sure they are going to be able to make things better with the options they have. It is how they are going to cater to all their clients and how they are going to make sure they know what they’re doing to bring attention to detail. Because Fabletics has spent so much time making sure their clients know what they’re doing, they know there will be things that will change for them in different ways. They also know they have to make sure things are going to keep getting better in the business they’re in. By looking at all of this, Fabletics is giving themselves the motivation they need to keep providing service to all of their clients. They want them to know they are going to do things right every time they offer their services.


The company now wants to make sure they are going to keep doing things right for each of their customers. They see a lot of value in the customers they have and they know what they’re going to do to help each of those customers. It is their way of providing them with everything they need no matter what issues they are facing. It is also their way of giving attention to the problems people would normally have while they are looking for clothes on their own.


By showing others what they intend to do and how they are now taking on Amazon, Fabletics is confident their business will grow even more. With the opportunities they are going to use to make things better for themselves, Fabletics knows what it will take and knows they can show people how things will get better. Their goals have always been focused on their customers and how they can do things for them.


Even though there are sometimes issues with people who are working in different industries, Fabletics knows they are the best in the business. It is for that reason they are confident in taking on Amazon. If they can get to a point where they are competing against them and making even more money than what they did, they will be content. That doesn’t mean, though, that they will stop trying to be even more successful in the future with the clothes they have to offer.