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Guilherme Paulus A Revolutionist In The Development Of The Tourism Sector In Latin America

Guilherme Paulus is the head of CVC which is ranked among the biggest tour operators in Brazil. He is ranked among the most influential and prominent people in matters relating to the development of the Brazilian economy. Due to his exceptional leadership skills in CVC, he has managed to change the livelihood of several Brazilians through creating employment and participating in several charity activities within the country.

He appeared in the Forbes group due to the contribution that CVC has made to the development in the tourism sector of Brazil. Guilherme Paulus is the cofounder of CVC together with his partner who left a few years ago. In the last few years the company has grown to become the biggest tour operator in South America. He is a hardworking and determined person and this has enabled him to achieve a lot in the entrepreneurship sector, which has resulted to him becoming an influential person in business matters in Brazil. Throughout the years he has done well in improving the market value of the organization over the years.

One of his major attributes is that he is a social person and everyday he looks for new ways to improve his business. Guilherme Paulus chose to invest some of his money the hospitality sector and opened one of the biggest hotels in Brazil which is known as GJP Group. The hotel is known for its large number of branches all over Brazil and this is aimed at reaching a large number of tourist within the entire nation. Giving insights to the major reasons for success of the hospitality sector he says that the ability to offer customers quality services and ensuring they get maximum satisfaction from your business.

Guilherme Paulus also builds network for his organization. A good example is that he created quite a number of networks like, wish, linx, and Saint Andrew premium line together with several others. This is an indicator that Guilherme Paulus is a diverse individual which is one of the major attributes required in order to become successful.

He has won several awards as a result of his success and contribution in the growth of the Brazilian economy. He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award due to services offered by his company and jobs created.

Betsy DeVos and Diverse Subjects

Betsy DeVos is not the type of person to ever behave in a cavalier manner. It’s simply not something that’s in her blood. She’s a conscientious person who likes to do her part in this world. She’s been that kind of person since the early years as well. There are countless individuals who can attest to that. DeVos used to be known as “Elisabeth Prince.” This was her full name prior to her marriage. It was her name when she was a student at Michigan’s Calvin College, too. Many young college students view their university years as chances to let loose and have fun. DeVos wasn’t quite part of that category. She took it upon herself to manage all kinds of political matters on her college campus. That’s why so many students remember her presence so vividly.


Betsy’s husband is Dick DeVos, a man who has taken on many roles over the years. He’s been a painstaking lobbyist in the state of Michigan. He’s been a politician who is involved in all sorts of causes. He’s been a businessman as well. DeVos was the man who ran everything at the Amway Corp for roughly a full decade. His time with the marketing corporation commenced in the nineties. It ended toward the beginning of the 2000s as well. DeVos in recent years has done a lot of work for the Windquest Group. He’s also taken part in many diverse educational matters. The aviation lover is the man who took it upon himself to establish Grand Rapids, Michigan’s West Michigan Aviation Academy. Youngsters who are enthralled by air travel have been going to the charter school to learn and shine since the year 2010. That also happens to be the year the educational institution came into existence.


Betsy DeVos is an American educational powerhouse. President Donald Trump knew all too well that she’d take things to the next level as the United States’ diligent Secretary of Education. Members of the general public have known about DeVos and her educational system proficiency for years. Her efforts have been highlighted in recent times, however. Working as part of President Trump’s administration has gotten DeVos a degree of reach that is new to her. DeVos works in a painstaking manner to do her job. She works in a painstaking manner to excel in it as well. People who keep tabs on President Trump often see her right next to him.


Educational choice isn’t ever a simple topic for DeVos. It’s an intricate and involved one. It’s a multifaceted one as well. She’s talked about educational choice to hundreds and perhaps even thousands of individuals and families. She’s given them insight. She’s shared anecdotes with them, too. She has had the rare chance to connect with many United States families. Parents have talked to her about all of their educational frustrations. There are so many people who do not have the means to send their kids to schools that are appropriate for their objectives and ambitions.


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Ted Bauman: Taking Banyan Hill Publishing to Greater Heights

Ted Bauman is an individual whose career has tremendously contributed to the investments industry. The year 2013 marks a major milestone in his career journey. It is when he was hired as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he works to date.

Through his impeccable writing skills, Ted Bauman majorly features in sites such as the Plan B Club Plan B and the famous Bauman’s Letter. Among his diverse skills in the industry, Bauman primarily deals with issues on international immigration, assets protection and low-risk investment strategies. He is based in Atlanta, GA where he lives with his family. Ted’s daily life involves establishing strong connections between people and necessary resources. He aims at ensuring that every person lives a sovereign, fulfilling life.

Ted Bauman’s career is deeply rooted in his economics and history background. His extensive exposure at the international level enhances his writing skills at Banyan Hill Publishing. He heavily relies on the economic-based approach in regard to stock analysis which is effective in studying the investment landscape. His readers are assured of unique and intriguing and insightful content on the developments in the investment industry. Additionally, they are on the frontline in matters current issues and trends that can trigger market profits. Besides, he never fails to point out investments that spell doom on his readers’ quest for profits.

However, having been born in Washington and raised on eastern Maryland shores gave him the desire to explore the world. In his youth, he went to South Africa where he enrolled for a postgraduate degree in Economics and History at a University in Cape Town. Consequently, he spent about 25 years in the country serving as a fund manager. He mainly worked with low-cost housing projects under various NGOs. One of his great projects was the establishment of Slum Dwellers International Organization. Today, more than 14 million individuals in 35 different countries depend on this organization for their housing needs. Additionally,Ted Bauman worked as a consultations expert to African and European-based government bodies. He has also served at the UN.

As such, through his vast international experience, Ted Bauman has developed a deep appreciation of the political and economic dynamics role in different societies. He prides himself in a series of world-class publications in various reputable including The Journal of Microfinance and Small Enterprise Development. His strong background in economics serves as the pillar when focusing on sustainable strategies for organizational growth.

The Global Growth of OSI Group

David McDonald was hired immediately out Iowa estate to serve as an interim to Sheldon Lavin. He joined OSI Food Solution during its initial stages of explosive international development. OSI grew and expanded in the late 1980s and the early 1990s with an array of joint ventures with several companies in South and Central America, Pacific Rim, and Europe. It was still in the same year that David McDonald was employed that K&K Foods of Taiwan joint venture established OSI Asia-Pacific division. David McDonald started his career in a company that was on the verge of technological advancement and innovation to spearhead growth operations. He did not only adapt to the corporation routine, but he also embraced it. He has been in it all through since then.

In his discussion, McDonald stated that he has been in OSI for the past 30 years. Since his membership, OSI Food Solutions had experienced an incredible trend of growth and development. The drive towards growth and development has become part of the company. He affirmed this during his interview with CEOCFO Magazine. The rigid desire towards growth and development has been an excellent foundation for the company’s culture. The objective of OSI Food Solutions was to become a global enterprise and be a suitable partner to their clients. He witnessed the growth and expansion of OSI Group since he was part of it. This, in turn, offered him an opportunity towards establishing incredible experience and exceptional skills in handling technical issues associated with various companies in other regions as well as being ingrained in the OSI Group corporate culture.

Through this position, he managed to comprehend the objective of OSI Governance exhaustively. He also discovered that OSI Group is not only concerned about the growth and improvement of the company but the development of a stable, reliable and credible workforce which has long-term retention rates as well. McDonald pointed out that they still hold to their objective. He affirmed that the consistent growth and development had been enabled by their relentless commitment towards delivery to their clients and improvement of the company. He also clarified that OSI Food Solutions treats its staff and clients as a family. They highly value their family and always ensure that their products and services maximally satisfy their clients.

OSI Group is bound to no limitations and is still growing and extending its boundaries. Good management and incredible leadership has seen it through this success.

Herbalife and CR7, a new partnership aiming at athletes nutrition

Herbalife, for those who haven’t heard about this giant yet, started as a nutritional supplement company with the goal of improving the health of people throughout the world. It started small as many others, however, it grew into an international phenomenon and today you can find a Herbalife store in well over 32 countries.

What once started as just a weight management shake, has now evolved and boast different products such as health care and skin care products. But the latest addition to the Herbalife product line, which is called Herbalife24, is a series of sports products that are aimed at supplying everything an elite athlete needs in order to compete at its peak.

To help advertise their new line Herbalife has chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as their new brand ambassador and it is a perfect fit. There are no questions as to how much Cristiano Ronaldo takes care of his body and how much work he puts into his daily routine, so choosing an elite athlete like him could prove to be a huge asset to the company.

Their new line consists of products that are aimed at all the phases of an elite training. They range from the pre-workout, during the workout and post-workout and they have the goal of keeping you going for longer than you normally would since they cover every step of the way.

Herbalife new pre-workout shake helps with the blood flow as well as helping with the concentration and muscle fiber support, while the new CR7 Drive gives you the energy and the hydration necessary to keep you going and breaking your own barriers. Herbalife also engineered a new post-workout shake that helps with muscle recovery and growth as well as helping the immune system and the overall athlete recovery.

With this new line of products, Herbalife hopes to achieve a new standard when it comes to sports nutrition and the partnership with a worldwide star like Cristiano Ronaldo can help them achieve such success based on his following alone. This partnership can be very beneficial to both parties and they take the sports world by storm.