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Adam Milstein Remains Committed to his Philanthropic Work

Adam Milstein has devoted much of his life to his philanthropic work. After years as a real estate investor that he continues to this day, he has focused his time and money on being a leader in his community. While his philanthropic work has been in various fields, he is best known for his interest in the Jewish State of Israel and the Jewish population as a whole.

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native, and he fought in the Israel Defense Force during the Yom Kippur war. He began his career in real estate after coming to the United States in 1981. He obtained his MA at the prestigious University of Southern California. He is currently the managing director at Hager Pacific Properties, and he sits on the board of various organizations.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila and The Milstein Family Foundation are involved with many pro-Israel organizations including Adam Milstein’s role as the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. Adam Milstein’s mission is to strengthen the bond between Israel and the United States, and one of his priorities is to ensure future generations of both Israelis and Americans continue that bond. The Milstein Family Foundation was set up in 2000, and one of its focuses is on the antisemitism that takes place on college campuses.

The Milsteins are also involved with a variety of healthcare causes, and they have raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the American Cancer Society among others. As the president of Stand By Me, Gila Milstein offers support for Jewish sufferers of cancer in Los Angeles.

Adam Milstein will continue his charitable work, and he will remain committed to issues concerning Israel and the Jewish people. In 2018, he was named the 31st most influential philanthropist in the world by Richtopia, a London publication, and the Jewish Post named him one of the 50 Most Influential Jewish figures.

Ryan Seacrest a Man of Many Talents

To many of us Ryan Seacrest will forever be etched in our mind as the long time host of American Idol, but the business, philanthropy, and even fashion sides to his image go much deeper. Seacrest has been in the news this past year as the new co-host of the Emmy winning team of “Live” morning TV show alongside Kelly Ripa. While it would seem to make sense to us old time American Idol watchers to see him go from hosting one show to hosting another, he has done so much more to prepare himself for this position than we might realize.

From his early success as the host of American Idol in 2006 Ryan Seacrest crated Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) which has become a Hollywood Influencer to say the least. RSP’s production resume such hits as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and its spin-offs, the “E! Live from the Red Carpet” award shows, Bravo and CMT series “Shahs of Sunset” and “I Love Kellie Pickler,” the NBC drama series staring Jennifer Lopez “Shades of Blue,” and the Emmy Award-winning reality series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” Ryan Seacrest has been busy since we last saw him announcing winners and losers of nation-wide votes on a singing competition!

Ryan Seacrest is also the host of the #1 nationally syndicated “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Los Angeles drive-time radio talk show.

In 2014 Seacrest launched “Distinction” a Macy’s exclusive men’s tailored clothing and accessories line, which has developed into one of the bright spots in Macy’s business in the past 10 years! He also has a men’s skincare business that is just about ready to launch called “Polished by Dr. Lancer,” with his partner Hollywood dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer.

As the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, in just eight years Seacrest has overseen the building of 10 “Seacrest Studios,” broadcast media centers, in pediatric hospitals across the country. These studios allow child patients to explore and engage in radio, TV, and news media.

While we might always remember him for his time on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest truly is a man of many talents, not the least of which is giving back and building up our society.

Ted Bauman On Investing For The Future

Financial expert and senior editor Ted Bauman wants to give everyday Americans good advice when it comes to their financial wealth. He was born in Washington, D.C. and was raised in Maryland. He earned his Master of Business Administration degree in finance from Georgia State University in 2001.

In 2013, Ted Bauman joined an independent publishing company called Banyan Hill Publishing. The result was three newsletters called, The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Bauman lived and worked in South Africa where he helped people in the non-profit sector. He is one of founders of Slum Dwellers Internationals, an organization that provide low-cost housing for those in need. Ted worked primarily at the fund manager, making sure that the finance part was managed wisely. This no-profit organization operates in over 35 different countries all over the world. They have helped over 14 million people to date.

The Bauman Letter helps inform people about how to protect and grow their finances, but also helps people keep their assets private from prying eyes. Ted Bauman also advises his subscribers on how to set up a smart retirement plan so they are secured for the future. One of his biggest tips is to have a back up retirement plan. With time, a lot of change happens and so do your finances. To know more about him click here.

Being smart about your retirement may mean the difference between having one and not. Many depend on the future of social programs like Medicare and Social Security. Ted Bauman says these programs are not going to be around forever due to insolvency. It is important to be self-reliant when you retire, so you don’t have to worry about social programs ending at any time.

Mr. Bauman says if you are going to invest your money, invest it wisely. Diversify your investments to different industries. The financial expert also recommends people invest in both stocks and bonds. Dividends produce passive income that can serve you very well during retirement. It’s slow and steady, unlike stocks. Ted also recommends that investors do their research before investing.

InnovaCare Health Top-notch Leadership Under Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Management is the backbone of every firm. Behind the success of any firm in whatever sector it may be, is good management. The above is true for a company like InnovaCare Health which boasts of being at the top of the chain of companies in the field of Healthcare in the United States.

InnovaCare Health is situated in Fort Lee. The company is rooted in innovation. InnovaCare works with a variety of health care and medical service practitioners, organizations in the sector, and applies assimilated portfolios on health plans. These associations aim to be able to provide quality and affordable services to all the participants in the healthcare process including the fund providers or payers, the patients and also the providers of healthcare services.

The company has earned quite the reputation over the years and even won a slot among some of the leading companies in the field of health management. Behind its success is a team of tremendous leaders lead by the Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto.

The CEO at InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto boasts of two and a half decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Dr. Shinto has served a variety of companies in a range of positions in the industry. He began his career in positions like marketing and sales. Over time, Dr. Shinto made his way up to corporate jobs.

He is the former CEO of MMM, Aveta Inc. PMC and Medicare Choices among other firms. He is also the former Chief Medical Office at NAMM, PMC’s Chief Officer of Operations, as well as the Vice President of the medical management department at the MedPartners health firm. Dr. Shinto is a trained Doctor with a medical degree from the Stony Brook branch of the State University of New York. Additionally, he has a B.S from the California University and an MBA from the Redlands University as well. Shinto has been honored with awards for his leadership severally.

InnovaCare’s Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a graduate of the Binghamton University where she graduated with a B.S in Biological Sciences and Classical languages as well. She also has a couple of Masters Degrees in public health and social work from the Columbia University and New York State University correspondingly. Penelope has formerly worked at both Touchstone Health Firm and Aveta Inc. In both these firms, she held the position of COO. She’s equipped with experience in government programs as well as managed care. At InnovaCare Health, she holds the post of Chief Operating Officer.

Plastic Surgeon Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a practicing plastic surgeon in Dallas and a partner in Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Sameer attained his degree in University of Michigan Medical School. He has been practicing plastic surgery for the last 11 to 20 years. Dr, Sameer is one of the few doctors in Dallas and Pine Creek Medical Centers that specializes in plastic surgery. He is ranked as the top physicians in the nation in reference to patient reviews.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar performs a variety of plastic surgery. The main cosmetic procedures that he performs include tummy tack, breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts and rhinoplasty, Additionally, Dr. Sameer performs reconstructive surgeries, microsurgery and hand surgery.

Dr. Sameer and his staff knows that plastic surgery is an elective decision. Therefore, they work hard to ensure the entire treatment process is informative and smooth for their patients. They ensure that clients have pleasant experience by arranging accommodation for clients who reside far from the hospital, financial arrangements assistance, and other necessary arrangements.

DR. Sameer Jejurikar was among the few selected doctors that were awarded the highly coveted 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification. The certification is based on patients’ reviews from different websites. After the certification, American Registry also added Dr. Sameer to the Registry of Business Excellence. This is an exclusive recognition plaque that is designed to commemorate the honor.

Dr, Sameer Jejurikar is so passionate about plastic surgery. He says that the fact that he can be able to transform his patients who come to him with issues concerning their appearance is fulfilling. The Fact that Dr, Sameer understands his patients even before treating them, helps him give the best and most pleasant experience. He acknowledges that all patients re different with different needs and that allows him to perform both surgically invasive and noninvasive treatments to his patients.