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All rom-coms have one thing in common, that is they have a specific storyline and characters that look a certain way to fit the criteria of the movie. For example, the lead characters have to be insanely hot and charming.

The lead character meets with a pretty girl, and they become fast friends without realizing that they are attracted to each other even though the audience sees it. In most cases, the lead actress is always clueless about how pretty she is, and it is the hero of the film to point this out.

They then realize their love for each other and fall in love. This is the same old story that has been repeated over and over again that it has become boring, but the newest film Isn’t It Romantic has brought a fresh twist. Isn’t It Romantic talks about love, the ups and downs experienced, and also contains humor. The film was recently released on Netflix, and it is the complete opposite of the cliché love stories.

Rebel Wilson plays the role of Natalie who is the lead character. Natalie lacks self confidence in herself thanks to her mother who would always ridicule Natalie as she was growing up. Due to the constant ridicule from her mother, Natalie grew up with the notion that love was not meant for her and she would stay single for the rest of her life. Natalie’s low self-esteem has also affected her relations at work as the other employees treat her like a waiter rather than seeing her as one of them.

Natalie is a qualified architect and is working on a new project involving a hotel. She lives in New York in a crummy apartment. Things get interesting after Natalie is robbed and she faints after hitting her head. She wakes up to find herself in a decorated hospital room with a good-looking doctor.

She has undergone some makeover as she has makeup on and the hospital is way out of her league. Under normal circumstances, she would have woken up in a tiny hospital with underpaid nurses and doctors who are always bitter, but this is not normal circumstances.

Natalie’s life is now stuck in a romantic comedy which revolves around her. One thing about Natalie is that she hates rom-coms with a passion as they depict love as easy to find and happens to anyone contrary to her beliefs. She is ever complaining about these films, but now she is stuck in one of her own. Isn’t It Romantic rounded up all the typical clichés and put them in the 90-minute film but were still able to send out a message of their own.

It is a lively movie that is worth the attention that it is receiving. Rebel Wilson has brought out her fun and wild side in the film, and she was able to embody Natalie perfectly. Rebel is very talented and never disappoints in any project she undertakes. Her fans are very happy for her and hope to see more such films in the movie.

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The Career of Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong has been a very successful entrepreneur during his career. He is the founder of the largest retailer in China known as With his amount of success, Richard Liu has been recently interviewed to talk more about his company. During the interview, Richard talked about many of the latest developments with his company as well as how it started out. Liu has said that his company strives to always innovate in order to remain competitive in the retail industry. His company has looked to provide quicker and more efficient shipping methods with the use of drone technology.

Along with improved shipping methods using drones, Liu has also said that the company has used technology in order to enable shoppers to more conveniently look for and purchase the merchandise they want. In the mid 2000’s, Richard Liu Qiangdong founded Over the last decade, he has gradually built it into one of the world’s leading retail businesses. The company specializes in selling a wide variety of products including household goods. During the course of’s existence, Richard Liu has always looked to find ways to better meet the needs of customers. He has emphasized the use of ecommerce, technology and more efficient shipping methods to better satisfy customers.

Prior to starting up, Richard Liu Qiangdong owned another business that was involved in the sale of magneto optics products. This company was quite successful but was forced to shut down due to an outbreak of SARS. It was this scenario that convinced Richard Liu that ecommerce is critical to being successful in the retail industry. As a result, he looked to emphasize ecommerce in the next business he would start up. Before entrepreneurship, Richard Liu Qiangdong attended college and completed a degree in sociology. He also studied computer science by himself to learn coding and programming. Once he finished college, Ricahrd Liu worked as a freelance computer programmer. Within a few years, Liu would land a job at Japan Life and become its director of computers. He would use his skills and expertise to help lead the company’s technology department.

One Of The Best TV Producers In The Business Heather Parry

One of the best film and television producers in the industry is Heather Parry. She has really put her stamp on the industry and made a name for herself. Heather Parry grew up in a little town in Pennsylvania called Macungie. After high school she found herself attending Colorado State University. She has her name attached to quite a few hits shows and television series. The film Get Rich Or Die Trying and The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler she co-produced both of these films. Heather Parry has been doing work for Live Nation as of 2018. So far she has produced four documentaries and she produced A Star Is Born which is currently a hit in theaters around the globe. This film was also co-produced by Bradley Cooper, Bill Gerber, and Lady Gaga.

What is most impressive about Heather Parry is that she is not only a producer for Live Nation but she is the president of Live Nation Productions. Heather found out that Bradley Cooper was one of the producers On A Star is Born and she wanted to work with him and be a part of the movie so she took initiative and immediately contacted Mr. Dave Bugliari Bradley’s agent and the collaboration began. Heather Parry is a tenciuos businesswoman and producer when she gets a chance to network or make a deal she gets it done anywhere. An example of this is how she recruited producer Bill Gerber for the film A Star Is Born at a Martha Stewart dinner party.

She currently has a few big projects in the making. She will be doing films on two major pop stars the first is Noah Cyrus and the second is trans artist Kim Petras. Heather Parry is a testament to what hard work and persistence can do. If the president of Live Nation Productions can put her foot to the plow anyone else striving for success should be willing to do the same.