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Gottlieb Acquires Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb, of the most referred titans in the health industry has added a new cup to his series of entrepreneurial acquisitions. This time, he has taken over Altium Capital, a healthcare-oriented investment fund.

This move is expected to elicit some excitement and bring in great things to the healthcare industry. The fund has laid its focus on investment opportunities, especially those related to growth of companies in the healthcare field. Gottlieb is particularly keen on seeking out business outfits that offer sound medical and health treatment advances.

Notably, Altium capital has been recently linked with various investments that include Amarin Corporation, Oramed Medicals, and Oragenics. This is a sign of good tidings to come. This is especially so, looking at how such investments are expected to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Following this notable venture, Gottlieb now co-shares office space with Stuart Weisbrod, another notable healthcare investment behemoth. This collaboration is made better considering the fact that the two have worked together before at Merlin Biomed Group. This is expected to be a start of other future collaborations between the two.

Gottlieb’s investment mind was sharpened at Brown University where he acquired his BA in Economics. He then got an internal internship, and this may have spurred Gottlieb’s interest even further in investing in the health industry.

Gottlieb has always had an eye for investment, especially in the health industry. Before getting involved in Altium, he had previously founded Visium Asset Management in 2005. This company went on to become highly successful and by 2016, it had expanded into an $8 billion fund, employing well over 200 workers.

Considering that Gottlieb is looking to better tidings in future, he is keen to ensure that his current investments get the right resources and expertise that will help scale higher. He has, therefore been fine tuning his skills each time to ensure that he keeps up with the constantly changing business environment. He fully understands the sensitivity of the healthcare business and is, therefore, keen to ensure that he stands out from the rest. This, he says, can only be made possible with personal discipline and an eye for opportunities.

Detailed Interview With Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western’s CEO is Matthew Fleeger. He founded the company in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. Currently, he still holds the title of manager of the venture company. The firm works to build investor-based partnerships within the industry to combine their resources, experience and talents together. Each investor brought on board is taught to learn the risks and benefits of gas and oil exploration. The company is also big in philanthropic investments and helps to financially support seven non-profit charities and organizations.

How Did Your Company Make It Through The Recession?

Matthew Fleeger says he brought his company through the recession by focusing his energy on efficiency. To do this successfully, he took the time to evaluate every single aspect of his business to find ways to cut costs and overhead without having to lose workers.

How Did You Keep Your Employees Motivated During Tough Times?

Matthew made it his mission to explain to his employees and team members how committed he was about a successful future for the company. He was very open with his employees about what he was doing to posture the company for a better future so they weren’t as tempted to switch jobs.

How Do You Feel About The Current Climate Of The Oil Industry?

Mr. Fleeger has remained positive throughout his career and his outlook will continue to be a positive one. He believes that Gulf Coast Western is operating much more efficiently than ever before. He believes this will allow the company the flexibility to ride the ups and downs of the oil industry comfortably.

What Do You Think The Price Of Oil Will Be In The Next Year?

According to Matthew Fleeger, the trading range for oil in the coming year will be around $55 to $75 for WTI. He has based this estimate on fundamental economics.

InnovaCare Health Top-notch Leadership Under Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Management is the backbone of every firm. Behind the success of any firm in whatever sector it may be, is good management. The above is true for a company like InnovaCare Health which boasts of being at the top of the chain of companies in the field of Healthcare in the United States.

InnovaCare Health is situated in Fort Lee. The company is rooted in innovation. InnovaCare works with a variety of health care and medical service practitioners, organizations in the sector, and applies assimilated portfolios on health plans. These associations aim to be able to provide quality and affordable services to all the participants in the healthcare process including the fund providers or payers, the patients and also the providers of healthcare services.

The company has earned quite the reputation over the years and even won a slot among some of the leading companies in the field of health management. Behind its success is a team of tremendous leaders lead by the Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto.

The CEO at InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto boasts of two and a half decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Dr. Shinto has served a variety of companies in a range of positions in the industry. He began his career in positions like marketing and sales. Over time, Dr. Shinto made his way up to corporate jobs.

He is the former CEO of MMM, Aveta Inc. PMC and Medicare Choices among other firms. He is also the former Chief Medical Office at NAMM, PMC’s Chief Officer of Operations, as well as the Vice President of the medical management department at the MedPartners health firm. Dr. Shinto is a trained Doctor with a medical degree from the Stony Brook branch of the State University of New York. Additionally, he has a B.S from the California University and an MBA from the Redlands University as well. Shinto has been honored with awards for his leadership severally.

InnovaCare’s Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a graduate of the Binghamton University where she graduated with a B.S in Biological Sciences and Classical languages as well. She also has a couple of Masters Degrees in public health and social work from the Columbia University and New York State University correspondingly. Penelope has formerly worked at both Touchstone Health Firm and Aveta Inc. In both these firms, she held the position of COO. She’s equipped with experience in government programs as well as managed care. At InnovaCare Health, she holds the post of Chief Operating Officer.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and the Automobile Industry

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade began his career as a physician. In 1979, he purchased a Ford Landau from the dealership in Campina Grande. However, before he could receive his car, the dealership ran bankrupt and upon hearing this, Dr. Carlos suggested that as a repayment, this dealership be given to him and this is how he established CAOA. In less than a decade after, the Ford dealership in Campina became the biggest Ford outlet in Latin America.

In 1992, CAOA became the official importer of Renault automobiles in Brazil. This was coming after Brazil having announced the import of foreign cars. In nearly three years, Renault automobiles became the most acquired car in the import market. In 1998, sales of Subaru cars in Brazil went up three times in a couple of months this coming after CAOA entered into a partnership with the Asian company. With the availability of the Tuscon Hyundai automobile, CAOA was able to push Hyundai to the top of the list by 1999.

In recent years, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has gained the title of Distributor of the Year from Hyundai, competing with over 150 Hyundai dealerships all over the world. It was the first time the company awarded this achievement to a non-European distributor. The success of the company in Brazil is because of a well thought out marketing plan practiced by Dr. Carlos Alberto and CAOA. He supplies vehicles that have the demand to consumers.

Towards the close of the 2013 business year, Hyundai brought in the latest Santa Fe model. In 2014, the latest Elantra automobile was brought into the country as well as the new Santa Fe model, the Grand Santa Fe. All this was done to offer the Brazilian car industry a high standard of service which came under Dr. Carlos.

The Research and Energy Efficiency Center was inaugurated in 2015, located close to the CAOA Plant. CPEE is the outcome of approximately $40 million investment. CAOA celebrated 10 years in the automobile industry in 2017 with Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade as the chairman of the board.

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GreenSky continues making headway towards possible IPO

When David Zalik founded GreenSky Credit back in 2006, he was willing to risk literally everything he had on the future of a business that he strongly believed in. Zalik couldn’t find any bankers who wanted to extend him the more than $10 million that he needed to get GreenSky off the ground. He finally came to realize that the business model that he was proposing was so new and untested that he would have to self-finance his entire venture. He effectively reverse-mortgaged his entire $12 million worth of real estate holdings. If the company would have failed, Zalik would have lost everything for which he had ever worked.

Good bets usually pay off

But it turned out that Zalik knew what he was talking about even if he wasn’t able to convince risk-averse bankers that he did. GreenSky quickly proved to be a smashing success, doing tens of millions of dollars in loans in its first year. The irony in all of this is the fact that Zalik himself, despite his willingness to take huge risks with his personal funds, was in the process of building a company that had one of the most conservative business models of any tech firm that’s ever been started.

In retrospect, the GreenSky business model that Zalik was proposing to bankers is so sound that it is amazing that none of those same people who have spent their entire lives in the lending business would have realized what a sure thing it was. The GreenSky model essentially amounted to only going after the absolute best borrowers and connecting them at the point of sale with some of the top lenders in the country, making instant loan offers in the five- to six-figure range.

The key to the success of the company was the fact that Zalik had found an opportunity that other lenders had long overlooked: customers looking to remodel their homes that simply didn’t have the liquidity on hand to complete the projects. But this market has turned out to be worth billions and billions of dollars each year. As GreenSky continues to grow, the company is now worth as much as $10 billion.

Eric Lefkofsky Helps Make the Cancer Industry Better

Since Eric Lefkofsky started Tempus, he knew he was going to be a huge influencer when it came to cancer. He has worked hard to come up with a cure, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it all on his own. By making all the right moves with his clients and with the people who he worked with, Eric Lefkofsky knew things would continue to get better as long as he was working toward a positive solution on his own. He also knew there were many things he would be able to do to help other people out with the issues they were facing.

Even when Eric Lefkofsky was making the right moves with other businesses, he always wanted to do something that was more meaningful. By starting out with smaller companies, he knew he would have the chance to make the most out of the situations other people were in. Without the help he was happy to provide, cancer patients wouldn’t have the hope they currently do. He has made such a big difference that even doctors are interested in what he is doing and how his company is working because of the issues others face.

Now, the costs for sequencing are coming down by quite a lot. As a business professional, Eric Lefkofsky feels he can accurately predict they will continue to drop. He wants to be sure everyone is going to have the chance for the best treatment possible no matter what they are doing. He also wants people to be aware of all the positive outcomes that will be a result of the big changes in the company. He hopes things will get better no matter what people are going through in their cancer journey or with the treatment process they are experiencing.

Even though Eric Lefkofsky has continued to make money while working a business, that is not the goal. He would be happy if he wasn’t making any money. The point of Tempus was to make sure loved ones and people who he didn’t even know were getting the right access to everything they need while they are going through cancer treatment. He just wanted to make a difference in lives instead of having to deal with all the issues that would traditionally come from having a big business and making a lot of money from that business for his own good.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Shows Innovation And Respect For Bradesco’s Traditions

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO at Bradesco and they are a high-powered Brazilian banking firm which vies for market leadership in the private segment. Trabuco, as he is commonly known, has a rich and varied history with the bank and has spent over four decades in faithful service to them. The heritage and business culture that has identified Bradesco since their founding are intimately known by him and he is able to merge the modern demands of business with the traditions of the institution.

Bradesco has long practiced what they call continuity and renewal and Trabuco is an excellent example of this policy. He has served in various managerial posts throughout the bank and has a wide range of experience to draw upon. His leadership skills were finely honed during his time in Marketing, Insurance, and Pensions to name several important areas.

One innovation that Luiz Carlos Trabuco initiated when he was leading the Marketing division at Bradesco was the establishment of a relationship with the financial press in Brazil. This was a first for the company and it illustrates Trabuco’s understanding of the necessities of modern business. This effort helps increase their brand awareness among the public and upgrades their communications substantially.

Another coup that Trabuco had a hand in during his time in Marketing was the sponsorship by their Insurance division of the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro. This was a large and popular campaign that brought the public’s notice to Bradesco Seguros, their Insurance business. It ran for 20 consecutive years and was an excellent way to make Bradesco a part of one of the most festive times of the year and engender good will.

When Trabuco was appointed to the CEO position he initiated another innovative program to help develop the next echelon of leadership for the bank. He established a corporate university called Unibrad to promote worthy candidates to higher leadership posts and they were required to speak publicly at the company with plans and strategies for moving the company forward.

Trabuco showed his adaptability when he put forth another important reform for Bradesco. He has utilized outside personnel from time to time to bring in the most talented people to fill important positions. This is also a first for Bradesco as hitherto they had exclusively promoted from within. They still practice this to a high degree, but will now consider qualified candidates from outside Bradesco as well. Once again, Trabuco shows great respect for Bradesco’s traditions and yet helps move the company forward with innovation and modernization.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco follows the actions of his predecessors as he avoids ostentatious displays of wealth and extravagant habits. His apparel consists of modest, business fashions that articulate the seriousness of his high position. Trabuco is known to keep a traditional schedule and works long days that sometimes extend into business dinners.

The position of CEO at Bradesco is an important one in Brazilian society and carries with a great deal of influence. On a regular basis, Trabuco’s commentary about finances and the markets are sought out by the financial press and high-ranking business and political figures. Some of Brazil’s most expensive financial projects are completed with resources supplied by Bradesco and important economic decisions must be made by him on an ongoing basis.

The tenure of Trabuco as Bradesco’s CEO has been characterized by substantial organic growth and he has built upon the foundation laid by his predecessor Márcio Cypriano who used strategic acquisitions to help them grow. Bradesco has added over 7 million new accounts under Trabuco and continues to compete for market leadership in Brazil.

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Your New BFF: Bumble By Whitney Wolfe

Making new friends, especially as a young adult woman, is not easy. Maybe you just moved to a new city, maybe your new career doesn’t allow you any time, or maybe your social skills just aren’t the best. Whitney Wolfe realized this and created a BFF mode for her already trending app, Bumble, where you can swipe your way to your new bestie.

Whitney Wolf, an original co-founder of the dating app Tinder, created the Bumble app after her departure from Tinder. She created Bumble with the idea to give women more control of dating. She then created Bumble BFF to give woman a place to establish meaningful friendships. Whitney Wolfe, with her successful career in the tech world, was named in Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech in 2014 and Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017.

Bumble BFF is an addition to the dating app Bumble created by Whitney Wolfe. You can sign up through Facebook, create your profile and then switch the app to the BFF mode. You know you are in BFF mode because the app will change from yellow to green. Once you are in BFF mode, Bumble will match you with BFF matches in the area that you selected and if you are interested, you can swipe right to save, or if not, swipe left to remove them. You can reach out and message your matches any time you like, or ignore them if you are no longer interested. You have complete control.

As a successful 20 something year old, Wolfe realized how hard it is to make real connections and build long term friendships, when she created Bumble BFF mode. Which is why she created it to find people with the same interests and personalities, that can turn into long-term friendships, conveniently. It can be used anytime so it easily fits into a busy lifestyle or is available anytime when you find yourself in need of a friend. Bumble BFF, a platform created for women by a woman understands the difficulties in building friendships in today’s world.

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How Nick Vertucci Got Into The Real Estate Business

In the business world, being enlightened followed by planning of sustainable strategies is key to success. You will need to train and hear from the gurus in your industry to help you understand what needs to be done in your business so that you van be successful on And if you are in the real estate industry and looking forward to learning the basic and what is required in order for you to turn it into a profitable business, then you need to talk to Nick Vertucci.

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate professional who has been in this industry for more than a decade. Although, he is a millionaire now, courtesy of the real estate business, he was not always this rich. He started by attending a seminar upon an invitation by his friend. His friend has invited him to this particular with the aim of helping him get a way of getting a way to beat the financial strain that he was in. He had gone to the drains after his computer parts business collapsed due to failure of planning for the future.

His friend who was so interested in helping him, insisted that they attend the real estate seminar and they did. That was the beginning of his success. Nick Vertucci found himself intrigued by everything that the speaker had to say. He saw an opportunity that would solve his financial problems. Therefore, when the seminar was over, he decided to apply what he had learnt. He realized that it was paying off but knew that he was still far from what he wanted to achieve. Therefore, he vowed to continue attending similar seminars until he knew everything that there was to learn about the business on But even after he had learnt it all, he was not quick to start training other people. Not until he was a millionaire to prove that his system indeed works. And, when he did he began training other people.

Today Nick Vertucci is the proud owner of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy trains people on all they need to have successful real estate careers. He targets people with a passion for the real estate industry, but no money, no experience and no formal training in the industry. His is a simple philosophy of get in, get out and start making money at

Norman Pattiz’s Inspiring Story of Success in the Digital Broadcasting Scene

Norman Pattiz is an American media executive who is also the founder of PodcastOne. Throughout his 40 years media career, Pattiz has been celebrated for his moneymaking media strategies. Besides PodcastOne, he also founded Westwood One that emerged the largest news provider during his leadership tenure. Westwood One gained critical acclaim when it managed and distributed CBS News, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, March Madness, and CNN radio.


Pattiz is also the brains behind Courtside Entertainment Group. His objective for launching the company was to distribute and produce quality programming. Courtside Entertainment Group also recognized the untapped talents and opportunities in the radio industry. To date, PodcastOne boasts personalities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, and Larry King. Chris Jericho is one of the few media personalities who has been instrumental in building the podcast network.


Career Highlights


Norman Pattiz has worked with both governmental and private media institutions in the United States. In 2000, he was honored to serve in the US Broadcasting Board of Governors as an executive board member. The board was created to cover broadcasting services in the U.S. These programming services include Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting, and The Voice of America. Pattiz launched television and radio programs that targeted fans in the Middle East nations. He also launched a broadcasting station for Iranians who speak the Farsi language.


The Library of American Broadcasting awarded Pattiz the Giants of Broadcasting Award for his exceptional media career. Pattiz was also listed under the 2009 National Radio Hall of Fame. Besides his broadcasting roles, he is the chairperson of the boards of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and the Lawrence Livermore. Pattiz currently resides in Beverly Hills with his wife, Turner Pattiz.


How PodcastOne was created


Pattiz came up with the idea of PodcastOne after leaving Westwood One. He met Kit Gray, who is a podcast expert. He worked closely with Kit in creating a podcast network that would change the digital broadcasting world. As the manager of PodcastOne, Pattiz oversees talent management, mergers, acquisitions, and ad sales. He also believes that implementation is the best way in which ideas can be brought to life. Pattiz is usually keen on content consumption. According to him, one way of staying updated with listeners’ demands is to evaluate content consumption data. As he was developing PodcastOne as a media brand, he looked up to Dan Miller, Steve Ross, and Bill Paley.

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