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Talkspace is Modern Therapy

Michael Phelps has struggled with anxiety and depression and Talkspace has helped him to cope with his issues. Phelps, a very successful athlete, decided to see a therapist and he feels like that decision saved his life. He also feels that it took courage and he is a part of the Talkspace team. He is a supporter of Talkspace because he knows firsthand how much it can help others to gain professional therapy. Talkspace makes it very accessible to get one-on-one help, and it is convenient so that it’s easy to fit into your schedule.

Talkspace is effective, and many people prefer it over a more traditional setting. Talkspace has over 2000 therapists who are licensed, and it is affordable. Talkspace is about 80% less expensive than traditional therapists, and different payment options are available. All client information is secure and encrypted, and 50% of all users would not otherwise seek out therapy if it were not for Talkspace. Many people simply do not like the face-to-face setting and would much rather prefer to discuss things more discreetly.

Oren Frank is the co-founder as well as chief executive officer of Talkspace, and he founded the online therapy platform in 2012. It’s been reported that a million clients have been helped with many different disorders, addictions, and depression. The whole point of Talkspace is to provide an accessible way for people to get the help that they need and at a price that they can afford.

Talkspace is the modern way of seeing a therapist, and it has been riven to be very effective. The company is also employee focused, and Frank co-founded Talkspace to help people to overcome their ailments and mental afflictions. Talkspace a is a practical way for people to manage their stress, balance their lives, and to have someone to talk to with an unbiased opinion. Clients gain access to a specific person to talk to who is trained to listen and to help aid in making and implementing positive life changes. It is a way for people to gain help but without judgement or an uncomfortable feeling.