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Eric Lefkofsky : Improving Cancer Treatment and Research

Cancer treatment and research has presently fallen behind what is possible with modern science. The advent of genetic research and technology to document the human genome has helped researchers find new perspectives and methods to improve the life and treatment outcomes for cancer patients. This is unparalleled based on previous methods of research and opens up the opportunity for making drugs and treatment protocols that are preventative, or target specific genetic factors.

In order to make these modalities versatile and applicable for public use, it is important that cancer research is paired with the clinical setting. Much of the limitations experienced are because of limited data collection or sample sizes. Small data sets available for public use have led researchers to the problem of getting adequate information. Not only are they unable to make large scale conclusions, but the available data sets do not accurately represent what a majority of patients may be experiencing.

There are a few ways that these issues can be addressed.By including technology that documents molecular information such as size and shape, it will be possible for physicians to inform the research process in the course of treating and managing their patients. This would be possible with the use of and integration of novel technologies that document and share patient information a centralized database.

Eric Lefkofksy, co-founder of Tempus Labs encourages this movement so that patients and medical providers alike can advance to the next stages of cancer treatment and research development. Including new technologies that are designed for the betterment of clinical and research outcomes will help all parties to create the most steadfast and useful results. Over time it will be easier to make larger decisions and macroscopic observations with these practices.

Tempus Labs focuses on improving oncology practice and research with the use of innovative technologies and tools. The techniques that bioengineers, designers and biologists use everyday are improved with the help of research and applications from Tempus. The goal of these initiatives is to bring cancer research and progress forward so that patients can receive the most competent care and the best results in their prognosis.