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OSI Group McDonalds; The world Food Industry Success Story

OSI Group McDonalds is considered a world-leading company regarding quality food services and brands customized to their clients’ needs. OSI Group delivers consistent quality experiences to its clients all through their 65 facilities that are operational in 17 countries. This is achieved through their dedicated employees that currently stand at a head count of 20,000. OSI greatly attributes its success to its employees.

OSI Group McDonalds employs staff that have the passion for their job, are keen on finding innovative solutions and have the determination to make a difference as they share in the company believes. OSI has the inclusion of diversity in their workforce as a way of building a cohesive workforce. The employees have a mindset of success that is achieved through the company’s motivational rewards. OSI provides an environment that natures a self-challenging and stimulating culture to allow room for staff growth.

OSI Food Solution has continuously gained popularity all over the world; as a result, the customer’s demand has risen beyond their expectations, leading to the expansion of the food production plant in Spain. OSI multiplied chicken production to a capacity of $24,000 tons. The total output from the Toledo plant rose to a total of 45,000 ton of products with the inclusion of Beef and pork products.

OSI Group McDonalds recently acquired the majority stake in the Baho Food, a Dutch company that majorly manufactured Beef products. In June 2016 OSI was able to purchase the Tyson food Plant at the cost of $7.4 million. This was due to its inability to meet the changing client’s demands. 250 Employees were joined into the OSI Company. OSI later acquired the Flagship Food group as a way of expanding it to its markets. To date, OSI Group McDonalds Food Solution remains the most relevant global food solution due to its unrelenting consistency and dedication in giving the best services to its clients worldwide.


OSI Group Mcdonalds and Its Humble Beginnings

OSI Group McDonalds has a history that stretches to the olden days of the American dream. It is a company that demonstrates the power of hard work coupled with making the right moves. The founder Kolschowsky came to America just like all the other immigrants seeking a fresh start and opportunities that would lead to him being prosperous and providing security as well as comfort for his family. He came in and used whatever he knew from his previous life to set up a meat shop that he used to serve the community and the surrounding neighborhoods. Over time he slowly saved up and was able to expand his business into a wholesale entity as the orders for his meat products grew, and so did his clientele. At the end of the First World War, he was able to migrate fully into wholesale as well as rebrand the business and named it Otto and Sons in 1928. It was during this period that Ray Kroc went into business opening the first McDonalds, and it was a no-brainer for Otto to be asked to supply meat products to the food outlet. It was at this juncture in time that OSI Group McDonalds would start to take shape and grow into a business that would be known globally.

With every new Outlet of McDonald’s being opened so did Otto continue to expand and it did not take long for the family business to become a well-known American brand that was known to provide quality products. The next big step that the company made was stretched over two decades whereby their operations were maximized and spread in other regions and with this came to the medium family venture going for a more global presence and thus the name OSI Group McDonalds. The necessity to provide fresh deliveries over long distances saw them introduce cryogenic food preservation which helped them rapidly freeze food under sub-zero temperatures and deliver the critical ingredient to McDonald’s signature burger. The lengthy business relationship between Kroc and Kolschowsky was what catapulted OSI Group McDonalds to success that it is today and subsidiaries, as well as branches, can be found spread in many other countries.

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The Global Growth of OSI Group

David McDonald was hired immediately out Iowa estate to serve as an interim to Sheldon Lavin. He joined OSI Food Solution during its initial stages of explosive international development. OSI grew and expanded in the late 1980s and the early 1990s with an array of joint ventures with several companies in South and Central America, Pacific Rim, and Europe. It was still in the same year that David McDonald was employed that K&K Foods of Taiwan joint venture established OSI Asia-Pacific division. David McDonald started his career in a company that was on the verge of technological advancement and innovation to spearhead growth operations. He did not only adapt to the corporation routine, but he also embraced it. He has been in it all through since then.

In his discussion, McDonald stated that he has been in OSI for the past 30 years. Since his membership, OSI Food Solutions had experienced an incredible trend of growth and development. The drive towards growth and development has become part of the company. He affirmed this during his interview with CEOCFO Magazine. The rigid desire towards growth and development has been an excellent foundation for the company’s culture. The objective of OSI Food Solutions was to become a global enterprise and be a suitable partner to their clients. He witnessed the growth and expansion of OSI Group since he was part of it. This, in turn, offered him an opportunity towards establishing incredible experience and exceptional skills in handling technical issues associated with various companies in other regions as well as being ingrained in the OSI Group corporate culture.

Through this position, he managed to comprehend the objective of OSI Governance exhaustively. He also discovered that OSI Group is not only concerned about the growth and improvement of the company but the development of a stable, reliable and credible workforce which has long-term retention rates as well. McDonald pointed out that they still hold to their objective. He affirmed that the consistent growth and development had been enabled by their relentless commitment towards delivery to their clients and improvement of the company. He also clarified that OSI Food Solutions treats its staff and clients as a family. They highly value their family and always ensure that their products and services maximally satisfy their clients.

OSI Group is bound to no limitations and is still growing and extending its boundaries. Good management and incredible leadership has seen it through this success.

Tremendous Growth Achieved by OSI Group Under the leadership of Sheldon lavin

OSI Group has had a very impressive record for the last over 100 years they have been in the business. The company is known for providing quality services in the meat industry since its establishment in 1909. The company was founded as a small butchery by Otto Kolschowsy. He was the person the company’s great success.

The company, OSI Group, started as a butchery that used to supply meat to consumers. They also began to work on quality assurance since the establishment. They have adopted high sanitary standards as well as a healthy and safe food delivery service. The company has continued to provide professional services and sustainable market strategies aimed at ensuring growth and also an expansive network across all the parts of the globe.

The company has been able to create a very diverse market for their products. It has been effortless for companies associated with Otto and Sons to grow. They have always been known for quality delivery services to their clients.

In 1955, the company’s expansion took another angle when they signed an agreement with McDonald’s to supply hamburger. That was a new beginning for the company because they had to increase because of the enormous demand. McDonald’s has the most considerable following, and thus it involved a lot of dedication towards making the supply easier.

OSI Group also was able to partner with Pickstock, a company based in the United Kingdom. The move was able to improve the company’s significance in the whole of the European region. Some of these moves have greatly enabled OSI Group towards becoming more vibrant in the world of food delivery.

With time, the OSI group have managed to spread to more than 17 countries with over 63 facilities. These facilities are operated by competent individuals who are committed to meeting their customer’s demands. The team that leads OSI operations is very conversant with their areas of services and happens to be working so passionately towards seeing the company expand further.

OSI has employed over 20,000 direct employees who the company treats as part of their family. The company is headed by a president who is also the chairman who has offices in Illinois, Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon joined the prestigious company in 1970 whereby he was hired to offer consultation services. He decided to buy part of the shareholding of the company. When he started working as the president, he managed to buy all the ordinary shares and became the owner of OSI.

OSI Industries – A tale of Metamorphosis

The expansion of OSI Industries is a tale of an ordinary man, starting a small business, in a local town, and building it to a global extent. The tale begins with Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, opening a butcher shop in Chicago, in the year 1909. Within a decade of establishing a shop, the man was able to shift the business’s trajectory into the wholesale side.

The tale follows a typical storyline, of a family owned business for about the next forty years. It was not large enough to cause waves in the world, and yet, it’s presence was important for the growing American community. The growth continued at a steady pace until 1955. In that fortunate year, two family run business made an alliance. One was Otto and Sons (OSI Industries) and the other was McDonald’s restaurant. Ray Kroc had opened a franchise of the family business in Illinois. The partnership was undoubtedly a fruitful one for both the parties. As McDonald’s expanded, so did the OSI Industries. The path to expansion did not come without hurdles, Otto and sons was able to withstand the test of competitors and time, with the help of technological advancements and consistency in flavor. This was one of the greatest challenges that all suppliers had to face. In 1973 Otto and Sons established their state of the art plant, in Chicago, dedicated solely to McDonald’s.

In 1975 the name of the company was officially changed to OSI Industries. The change in name truly depicted the metamorphosis of the business, from a small butcher shop to one of the largest meat providers in the world.

Today the OSI industries are undoubtedly one of the largest meat producers in the world, with production facilities in China, India, Europe, and Japan. The growth of the company has now been built upon smart accusations and mergers with the leading companies of the world.

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