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Martavis Bryant’s Fantasy Football Rankings

Martavis Bryant’s career was cut short for a month due to him failing two drug tests, one in 2014 and another in 2015. This devastated his fans because he had expectations of becoming the Mid Round WR/MR1, and so did his fans. However, not everything always goes according t plan. Bryant made his first lasting impression on his peers and opponents by making a successful 35 yard touch down in his first career showcasing back in 2014. During 2014 Bryant received a staggering total of 32 receptions on 548 yards and 8 touch downs, which is simply amazing! In 2015 Bryant did alright, but not as good as 2014. He had received a grand total of 12 receptions for 261 yards and 2 touch downs.

Bryant has the opportunity to become the Fantasy Football Rankings WR1, IF he can play 16 more games during 2017. Bryant’s Fantasy Football Rankings can improve as long a he is willing to push himself and stops getting suspended. The Fantasy Football Rankings his fans expect are very much indeed counted on Bryant playing instead of always missing games. Fantasy Football Rankings are crucial to the game, coaches, fans and the players.