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How Important is Your Online Reputation?


Since the advent of the Internet, individuals, social groups and businesses have been creating online reputations; a sort of identity for the cyber-world. The importance of these online reputations has become so pervasive to every aspect of our society that it may be time we removed the “online” from the term.


Following are a few reason your business and even personal reputation online, could very well be your only reputation.


The Internet is the Compendium of all Information


For better or worse, the information available online is the first stop and often the last stop for all research being done. This includes research for movies, products, services, professional histories, personal relations and so much more.


Statistics show that two out of every three people see the internet as a reliable source of information on the majority of subjects. If it says so than it is so; so much so, that over 70% of employers have admitted rejecting a particular candidate due to some tidbit they found from an online source.


This doesn’t even mention the staggering 97% majority of customers who admittedly research the reviews for a product or service before doing business.


Online and Offline Reputations will soon be One and the Same


As each day goes by our online identity imposes itself more and more on our reality. Ask yourself how often you spend in contact with people you only reach electronically. From the Internet of all things, super high-tech mobile devices and the forthcoming arrival of self-driving cars, the life you live is slowly but surely moving into the Internet.


This means that there will be more and more ways for people to leave their marks in the online world for better or worse. This may seem inconsequential in the broad scheme of things, but don’t forget, marks on the Internet are forever. You don’t want negative publicity coming back to haunt you in the future.

If someone has gone to the effort of writing up a bad review on you or your business, it can place you at a serious disadvantage in the future. This is especially true if you are unaware of the negative publicity circulating about you.


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