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InnovaCare Health Top-notch Leadership Under Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Management is the backbone of every firm. Behind the success of any firm in whatever sector it may be, is good management. The above is true for a company like InnovaCare Health which boasts of being at the top of the chain of companies in the field of Healthcare in the United States.

InnovaCare Health is situated in Fort Lee. The company is rooted in innovation. InnovaCare works with a variety of health care and medical service practitioners, organizations in the sector, and applies assimilated portfolios on health plans. These associations aim to be able to provide quality and affordable services to all the participants in the healthcare process including the fund providers or payers, the patients and also the providers of healthcare services.

The company has earned quite the reputation over the years and even won a slot among some of the leading companies in the field of health management. Behind its success is a team of tremendous leaders lead by the Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto.

The CEO at InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto boasts of two and a half decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Dr. Shinto has served a variety of companies in a range of positions in the industry. He began his career in positions like marketing and sales. Over time, Dr. Shinto made his way up to corporate jobs.

He is the former CEO of MMM, Aveta Inc. PMC and Medicare Choices among other firms. He is also the former Chief Medical Office at NAMM, PMC’s Chief Officer of Operations, as well as the Vice President of the medical management department at the MedPartners health firm. Dr. Shinto is a trained Doctor with a medical degree from the Stony Brook branch of the State University of New York. Additionally, he has a B.S from the California University and an MBA from the Redlands University as well. Shinto has been honored with awards for his leadership severally.

InnovaCare’s Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a graduate of the Binghamton University where she graduated with a B.S in Biological Sciences and Classical languages as well. She also has a couple of Masters Degrees in public health and social work from the Columbia University and New York State University correspondingly. Penelope has formerly worked at both Touchstone Health Firm and Aveta Inc. In both these firms, she held the position of COO. She’s equipped with experience in government programs as well as managed care. At InnovaCare Health, she holds the post of Chief Operating Officer.

Herbalife and CR7, a new partnership aiming at athletes nutrition

Herbalife, for those who haven’t heard about this giant yet, started as a nutritional supplement company with the goal of improving the health of people throughout the world. It started small as many others, however, it grew into an international phenomenon and today you can find a Herbalife store in well over 32 countries.

What once started as just a weight management shake, has now evolved and boast different products such as health care and skin care products. But the latest addition to the Herbalife product line, which is called Herbalife24, is a series of sports products that are aimed at supplying everything an elite athlete needs in order to compete at its peak.

To help advertise their new line Herbalife has chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as their new brand ambassador and it is a perfect fit. There are no questions as to how much Cristiano Ronaldo takes care of his body and how much work he puts into his daily routine, so choosing an elite athlete like him could prove to be a huge asset to the company.

Their new line consists of products that are aimed at all the phases of an elite training. They range from the pre-workout, during the workout and post-workout and they have the goal of keeping you going for longer than you normally would since they cover every step of the way.

Herbalife new pre-workout shake helps with the blood flow as well as helping with the concentration and muscle fiber support, while the new CR7 Drive gives you the energy and the hydration necessary to keep you going and breaking your own barriers. Herbalife also engineered a new post-workout shake that helps with muscle recovery and growth as well as helping the immune system and the overall athlete recovery.

With this new line of products, Herbalife hopes to achieve a new standard when it comes to sports nutrition and the partnership with a worldwide star like Cristiano Ronaldo can help them achieve such success based on his following alone. This partnership can be very beneficial to both parties and they take the sports world by storm.

Rick Shinto Shows the World How to Build a Business in the Healthcare Industry With Innovacare

Being a leader in the Healthcare Industry is difficult. There are complexities that come along with healthcare that can unsettle CEOs, confuse workers, and create headaches for consumers. It isn’t easy unless you are Rick Shinto that is. Rick Shinto is the CEO of Innovacare Health, one of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. How did Rick Shinto create a powerful player in the healthcare industry, an industry with such aggressive government oversight, patient-doctor complexities, and insurance nuances? It could be because Rick Shinto has been working in the medical field for over 20 years, and not only as a businessman but as a doctor. Rick was a pulmonologist in Southern California before making the transition to the business sector. Rick leveraged his knowledge of the healthcare field and his vast knowledge of medical procedure to establish himself as a dominant business force in the healthcare industry. But, as they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman.


This woman happens to be Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope is the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare. If you thought that Rick Shinto had a stacked portfolio then you haven’t taken a look at Penelope Kokkinides portfolio. With well over 20 years of experience, Penelope has served as Chief Staff for almost every major player in the Medicare and Medicaid industry. Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, Americhoice, the list goes on and on. Penelope is an absolute force of nature in the industry. A natural entrepreneur, Penelope has an overdriven work-ethic and a success rate to match it. Rick Shinto may have made a brilliant move picking Penelope, but since her hiring Penelope has been restructuring the company in a massive way. Her insight has reduced costs, increased production, and reworked the complex infrastructure of the business itself.


Innovacare Health is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. With a focus on patient satisfaction and patient-provider integration, Innovacare has set itself apart from the competition. Servicing over 500,000 lives isn’t easy. Servicing these lives in a way that is reducing emissions, saving time, and meeting complex healthcare regulations are even harder. Innovacare Health’s success in this area has made them a recognizable name in the healthcare industry.


A Look At InnovaCare Health’s Able Leadership Of Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto

Effective leadership is an important tool for success, especially in an organization where stewards motivate their teams to achieve the company’s objectives. Professional leadership is essential for quality management on Skilled leaders have the ability to understand the needs of their teams. An organization endowed with a great leadership team experiences successful planning, organization and decision-making processes. InnovaCare Health, Inc.’s able leadership team has made it to rank among the leading managed healthcare institutions.

Dr. Richard Shinto M.D.
Dr. Richard Shinto is highly experienced in managed care considering that he has worked in this field for over 20 years. He is an alumnus of the University of California at Irvine, the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the University of Redlands where he earned a BS, a medical degree and an MBA respectively. His medical practice started in Southern California where he worked as an internist on Shinto held top leadership positions in several companies, including Cal Optima Health Plan, MedPartners, Medical Pathways Management Company and NAMM. Between 2008 and 2012, Richard served as Aveta, Inc.’s president and CEO. Previously, he was a member of the management. Rick has written several articles on healthcare and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides has served in health care for over 20 years. She largely focused on managed care and government programs. She has an extensive education background. Penelope Kokkinides holds two master’s degrees in public health and social work from the New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health respectively. Penelope Kokkinides is also a graduate of Binghamton University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages. In addition, she holds an advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. She has assumed different roles in various companies such as Americhoice, Touchstone Health, and Centerlight Healthcare. Penelope Kokkinides worked for Aveta as the chief operating officer. Previously, Penelope Kokkinides served in the same capacity at InnovaCare before rejoining the firm in 2015.


About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare, Inc. provides managed healthcare services. In Puerto Rico, the corporation runs two main plans, which are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. Under the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico, InnovaCare manages two Medicaid plans, which offer clients a broad benefit coverage via a coordinated care model. The company’s mission is to reshape healthcare management by offering unmatched Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans through innovative network models. They have a membership base of close to 200,000 individuals who are served by over 7,500 service providers.