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George Soros Believes That The European Union Should Support Ukraine

The Ukrainian uprising had a positive impact on the nation. The revolution resulted in a violent encounter between the armed policemen and unarmed civilians. Eventually, citizens triumphed. In the past, the police have thwarted civilian revolutions around the world. However, the Ukrainian case was special and created a lasting imprint in the minds and hearts of the populace.

George Soros has tried to explain about the revolution using Werner Heisenberg’s’ uncertainty principle. This standard was developed at the beginning of last century to describe how light manifest itself both as a particle and a wave. For Soros, a society can behave as particles or waves depending on the unity between the human beings in the society. In the Ukrainian Uprising, the society acted as waves, resulting in the unpredictable historical event.

George Soros Ukraine pointed out that individuals that participated in the revolt were mainly influenced by the elements of the larger unit to which they belong rather than their individual elements. Their fight for change outweighed their fear of being killed by the police’s bullets. The united sense of patriotism pushed the country close to the verge of civil war.

George Soros believes that Ukrainians have done their part in liberating the country. It is now European Union’s turn to ensure that the divided nation is united and provided with the needed financial support. However, other EU members are already in discord. The primary division is between creditors and debtors who have turned against each other. Such disunion has allowed the Russians to outmaneuver the EU. Source:

Previously, the EU has offered too little while demanding too much from Ukraine. In the recent uprising, the EU improved its commitment to the nation by putting together a rescue package. However, Soros points out that the package was not enough as it could not ensure a sustained national unity in Ukraine.

George Soros posited that he would be involved in building unity in Ukraine through his foundation, the Renaissance Foundation. He founded the organization in 1990. Although the foundation has been operating in the country since then, he noted that it did not participate in the uprising. Renaissance Foundation would be working towards establishing resilient democratic institutions in the country. However, Soros believes that the actions of such organizations will be futile if the EU is not adequately involved in rebuilding the nation.

If massive investments undertaken by Germany and other EU countries in the 90s were channeled to Ukraine, its economy would improve to match or exceed that of Central Europe. Ukraine has adequate human capital. In addition, it has a vibrant economy. The country has many investment opportunities. However, these valuable resources cannot be utilized if the business environment across the nation is not improved.

About George Soros
George Soros is a Hungarian-born business magnate. The billionaire is an author, investor, and political activist. He is famous for betting against the British pound in 1992 as he won a fortune. Soros is also the chairman of Soros Fund Management. He is among the richest persons in the world. Soros is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations. Through this foundation, he was able to end communism and enhance democracy in different parts of the globe. George is a renowned philanthropist.

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George Soros Got a Plan to Save Ukraine

George Soros, a multi-billionaire investor, has a plan to rescue Ukraine from a crisis instigated by economic mismanagement as well as Russia’s invasion. George Soros calls for financial assistance to this struggling country including large scale budgetary assistance as well as incentives for the public sector.

He also calls for political reforms to establish competent judiciary, independent media, and honest civil service- all while combating corruption. One example of entrenched corruption is a need to pay a bribe to get a driver’s license.

For Soros, these reforms would establish New Ukraine as opposed to the Old Ukraine, which is demoralized and corrupted. This would also help the European Union nations in fending off Vladimir Putin and his aggressive policies such as those of annexing Crimean Peninsula and causing war in eastern Ukraine.

But, the Old Ukraine is still run by the oligarchs and old bureaucrats. These vested interests are likely to oppose deep reforms that would touch their own interests.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

George Soros also thinks that sanctions against Russia are a right measure and expose Putin’s economic mismanagement. He still thinks that Putin has advantages when it comes to the Ukrainian crisis. Russia is willing to pursue large-scale war, while Ukraine’s European allies are seeking to avoid conflict at any cost.

When it comes to financial assistance for Ukraine, the problem is that the Eurozone nations are already having problems solving the Greek debt crisis. Indeed, the crisis was postponed rather than solved. Moreover, the European nations are facing migration crisis as well as new issues and turmoil related to Brexit.

George Soros is highly critical of the current Russian regime. No wonder his foundations were banned from Russia as a threat to national security. Soros is known for his superior investment performance spanning decades as well as his liberal views. Not long ago, he advocated acceptance of millions of Middle Eastern migrants into Europe and financial support for them for at least two years.

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