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Herbalife and CR7, a new partnership aiming at athletes nutrition

Herbalife, for those who haven’t heard about this giant yet, started as a nutritional supplement company with the goal of improving the health of people throughout the world. It started small as many others, however, it grew into an international phenomenon and today you can find a Herbalife store in well over 32 countries.

What once started as just a weight management shake, has now evolved and boast different products such as health care and skin care products. But the latest addition to the Herbalife product line, which is called Herbalife24, is a series of sports products that are aimed at supplying everything an elite athlete needs in order to compete at its peak.

To help advertise their new line Herbalife has chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as their new brand ambassador and it is a perfect fit. There are no questions as to how much Cristiano Ronaldo takes care of his body and how much work he puts into his daily routine, so choosing an elite athlete like him could prove to be a huge asset to the company.

Their new line consists of products that are aimed at all the phases of an elite training. They range from the pre-workout, during the workout and post-workout and they have the goal of keeping you going for longer than you normally would since they cover every step of the way.

Herbalife new pre-workout shake helps with the blood flow as well as helping with the concentration and muscle fiber support, while the new CR7 Drive gives you the energy and the hydration necessary to keep you going and breaking your own barriers. Herbalife also engineered a new post-workout shake that helps with muscle recovery and growth as well as helping the immune system and the overall athlete recovery.

With this new line of products, Herbalife hopes to achieve a new standard when it comes to sports nutrition and the partnership with a worldwide star like Cristiano Ronaldo can help them achieve such success based on his following alone. This partnership can be very beneficial to both parties and they take the sports world by storm.