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Guilherme Paulus A Revolutionist In The Development Of The Tourism Sector In Latin America

Guilherme Paulus is the head of CVC which is ranked among the biggest tour operators in Brazil. He is ranked among the most influential and prominent people in matters relating to the development of the Brazilian economy. Due to his exceptional leadership skills in CVC, he has managed to change the livelihood of several Brazilians through creating employment and participating in several charity activities within the country.

He appeared in the Forbes group due to the contribution that CVC has made to the development in the tourism sector of Brazil. Guilherme Paulus is the cofounder of CVC together with his partner who left a few years ago. In the last few years the company has grown to become the biggest tour operator in South America. He is a hardworking and determined person and this has enabled him to achieve a lot in the entrepreneurship sector, which has resulted to him becoming an influential person in business matters in Brazil. Throughout the years he has done well in improving the market value of the organization over the years.

One of his major attributes is that he is a social person and everyday he looks for new ways to improve his business. Guilherme Paulus chose to invest some of his money the hospitality sector and opened one of the biggest hotels in Brazil which is known as GJP Group. The hotel is known for its large number of branches all over Brazil and this is aimed at reaching a large number of tourist within the entire nation. Giving insights to the major reasons for success of the hospitality sector he says that the ability to offer customers quality services and ensuring they get maximum satisfaction from your business.

Guilherme Paulus also builds network for his organization. A good example is that he created quite a number of networks like, wish, linx, and Saint Andrew premium line together with several others. This is an indicator that Guilherme Paulus is a diverse individual which is one of the major attributes required in order to become successful.

He has won several awards as a result of his success and contribution in the growth of the Brazilian economy. He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award due to services offered by his company and jobs created.