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Lincolnshire Management: One of The Top Performing Private Equity Management Firms

At this day and age, financial freedom is a critical aspect of living a life that is full. Financial management is an important skill to have to be able to build a quality life for you and your family. The worst thing you can do with your money is keep it stagnant or spend on the most useless things, and smartest thing to do with your money is to put it into investments. When you put your money into investments, you create an avenue for your money to grow under your nose, with little to no effort at all. You can just easily access and talk to an investment firm to discuss your options on how you can make your financial status better – ultimately leading to a better lived life.

One of the best private equity firms that are focused on controlled investments in middle market companies that have huge potentials is the Lincolnshire Management. The Lincolnshire Management was erected in 1986 and based in the world’s largest cultural melting pot – New York City. The Lincolnshire Management has investments seeded in various industries and has made over 85 acquisitions in a span of three decades. The Lincolnshire Management team is rooted in extensive investment experience and uses this trump card in many cycles and in various industries.

In their years of experience in the private equity sector, they now hold about 1.7 billion dollars under their management, including the most recent 835 million dollar Lincolnshire Equity Fund 4 – their pre-decessors: Lincolnshire Fund and Lincolnshire Fund 3 have been ranked in the top quartile in all of the private equity funds.

Recently, one of the key people of Lincolnshire Management was recognized by a prestigious governing body, the Continental Who’s Who as 2017’s Pinnacale Lifetime Member and this is a manifestation of how outstanding and excellent he is in his work in the Private Equity Investment Sector.

There is nothing but a brighter future for Lincolnshire Management and they are here to help the community in private equity fund management – and they are definitely the go-to company and authority for matters like such. See more about the company here

Paul Mampilly Is A Key Member Of The Banyan Hill Team:

Paul Mampilly is a trusted expert in the field of investment. He worked for more than twenty years on Wall Street and experienced some of the highest levels of success that any financial industry professional can enjoy. These days, he is working with Banyan Hill Publishing and offering regular, everyday investors with the kind of information that only someone with his extensive knowledge and experience can.

Paul’s work for Banyan Hill Publishing has been particularly important for investors. Banyan Hill is one of the fastest growing publishing firms in the investment publishing industry and has a subscriber base that exceeds four-hundred thousand individuals. These readers rely on Banyan Hill Publishing’s expert panel and Paul Mampilly is a critical member of the panel. Banyan Hill’s beginnings go back to the 1998 calendar year when it was originally started up under the moniker The Sovereign Society. It was during the year of 2016 that the company went through the rebranding that brought in the Banyan Hill Publishing name.

Paul Mampilly is now putting his twenty-plus years of experience on Wall Street to work for the average investor who is trying to build a successful portfolio. Paul’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter is one of his major outlets for getting his message out to the investors who rely on his shrewd advice. Paul also runs a firm called Capuchin Consulting in which he utilizes his financial expertise in order to help clients in the management of their money. Profits Unlimited has really become an outstanding platform for Paul Mampilly to be able to pass along investment advice. He already has over sixty-thousand subscribers and they have come to trust what Paul has to say about building a portfolio. When an individual subscribes to the Paul Mampilly newsletter Profits Unlimited, they receive weekly updates in terms of how their stock portfolio is performing. The fact that some of Paul’s readers are up thirty-eight percent is a solid proof of the value of the information that presenting. At the end of the day, Paul really gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping others to bring their financial goals into reality.

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Matt Badiali’s Efforts to Help Investors Grow Their Wealth Through Freedom Checks

In the United States, many people save some part of their earnings for their old age. By saving money in the account, most people can be safe during retirement period. However, saving money does not guarantee anyone prosperity. In fact, saving for the retirement needs a lot of sacrifices.

Matt Badiali has introduced a unique investment program that is being used by investors in the United States of America to double their earning. In today’s world when somebody is offering investment opportunity, most likely there is something hidden, unlike, Matt Badiali program that is available in the form of Freedom Checks. These checks are legal in the United States, and they are enabling investors to earn more revenues as well as an extra subsidy from the government of the United States.

The companies that Matt Badiali works with can make extraordinary profits because they are not subject to taxation. Moreover, investors are given checks by the government agencies in exchange for investing their capital in the right place.

Freedom Checks are valid and legal. They depend on the United States Code that has been serving for the last three decades. The legislation was passed by the Congress of the United States back in the year 1987 allowing all the companies that get 90 percent of their total revenue from processing natural resources in America to be accepted from taxation.

There are thousands of companies in the united states that are operating legally, but most of them have shifted their interests abroad while others are involved in other activities that are preventing them from qualifying. So there are only a few companies that can benefit from investment program. However, Badiali has identified and presented several companies in the United States of America that are operating in the energy sector, earning a lot of revenues with minimal risks. These companies listed by Badiali have met the requirements of benefitting from the Freedom Checks program.

For a company to be able to operate under statute 26-F that exempts companies from paying taxes to the United States government as well as qualifying for Badiali’s investment program of Freedom Checks they have been organized as Master Limited Partnership.

Matt Badiali is an alumnus of Penn State University. He is also a former student of Florida Atlantic University.

Madison Street Capital; Your Solution to Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading international investments banking firm based in Chicago, Illinois, and has been doing business for 12 years. It is a one-stop shop that offers an array of services including corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition expertise, valuation service and so much more to both public and privately held business. Over the year, Madison Street Capital reputation has continued grow due to the firm’s commitment to integrity, excellence, leadership and service while engaging their clients.


In January this year, Madison Street Capital successfully arranged a minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation. The Corporation is a leading enterprise security risk management company that provides comprehensive end-to-end security software solutions. It was looking to creatively structure their investment so as to get significant equity value.


Madison Street Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the corporation. Through a transaction led by Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Reginald McGaugh, the option of minority recapitalization provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners was actualized.


The President of Ares was convinced beyond any doubt that Madison Street Capital had selected the most appropriate financing partners for the corporation’s capital restructuring. “We were very impressed with the entire process including the initial due diligence, valuation analysis and ultimately the capital raising process. They worked very hard and diligently to find us the right financing partner and we are very excited for the future with our new capital structure,” he said.


Madison Street Capital’s professionals have in the past displayed an exceptional ability to arrange the appropriate financing and capitalization structure to suit each of their clients’ specific situations. This can be credited to their experience in assisting various clients from a diverse range of industries.


For example, ARES Security Corporation safeguards complex systems operated by the government including nuclear, energy and transport industries. However, Madison Street Capital was able to identify a suitable financing partner .The team, led by MD Reginald McGaugh, and had a clear perception of the task at hand. “The Company has a superior management team and board who challenged us to identify the appropriate financing partner,” Reginald said during the announcing of the transaction by Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital.


Apart from the services it offers, Madison Street Capital is actively involved in making a difference both at the local and global arena. One of the philanthropic organizations that Madison Street Capital has worked with is United Way. United way is an organization that is well known for identifying problems. Based in Alexander, Virginia, the organization is most notably known for the establishment of the ten-year program in the year 2008. While United way has been actively involved in assisting disaster struck places, Madison Street Capital has been a major partner to United Way in its work of helping the victims of those areas.


Madison Street the Top Merging and Acquisition Experts

Most businesses have that one goal that can only be achieved with the help of an investment banker. Madison Street Capital helps accomplish these goals through offering professional services that guarantee the best possible outcomes for the client. Years of experience in all industries, at all levels of financing capacity, puts the company at the top of middle-level investment banks in the United States. Headquartered in Chicago Illinois, the firm was founded in 2005 and has operations in North America, Asian, and Africa.

The employees at Madison capital come with impressive academic credentials and extensive financial experience. The firm takes great pride in recruiting only the best in the market. Good employees often translate to satisfied clients. The company’s management operates on an open door policy to both its staff and customers. All their dealings are transparent and above board.

The firm offers a number of investment and financial advisory services such as successful mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, capital growth, valuation for financial reporting purposes, tax planning services, and hedge fund management. Their extensive knowledge in the finance world gives them a wealth of experience in executing their services to their clients, offering them the best outcomes in all deals. All buying and selling transactions are conducted by a team of deal experts to deliver only the best optimal solution to the clients.

The investment banks work with individuals, corporate bodies, and small businesses, offering them customized solutions in a wide array of industries. Madison Street Capital has a reputation for excellence in investment banking. The firm engages in investment ventures ranging from as little as $1 to $100 Million. The company offers financial advisory services in sectors such as Transport, agriculture, consumer retail, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, oil, and energy, as well as media and technology.

The firm believes that starts up and middle-level businesses are the primary economy drivers. However, a majority are faced with challenges when it comes to financing their operations. Madison understands these needs and puts together a comprehensive kit that allows for any business seeking funds to succeed at getting funds. Its M&A success rates is a further pointer of their expertise in buying and selling transactions. The growth of their clients and the success rate has earned Madison Street Capital trusted clients. Their latest successful merger and acquisition being that of the Dowco group of companies acquiring Acuna and Associandos S.A.
Offering superior services at low costs has endeared Madison to many clients. Their whole approach demands a careful analysis and knowledge of the business entity to close their dealings within the stipulated schedule time.

Madison Street Capital has been nominated twice in the categories of Best boutiques investment banking firm as well as the finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards, an award that only rewards and recognizes the very best.