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The Two Medical Inventions That Made Dr. Saad Saad a Global Figure

Being a reputable and accomplished pediatric surgeon means you have paid a hefty price to get there. A pediatric surgeon is not a title you pick from somewhere, but it’s something you work hard to achieve. The United States is lucky to have had some of the accomplished pediatric surgeons like Dr. Saad Saad. He was raised in Kuwait, but he later flew to the US for his further studies and career growth. Whether the pediatric surgery is simple or complex, Saad would just give it his best. He can fluently speak English and also Arabic language. The pediatric surgeries he has performed throughout his career are countless. He is a man who is always passion-driven when it comes to offering medical services to the children. Although he also treats adults, treating children is his heartbeat.


Saad wasn’t happy with the medical procedures that most doctors were using. He realized most patients experienced a lot of pain when going through a surgical procedure. According to Saad Saad, something needed to be done to minimize the pain and risk most patients faced when undergoing surgery. This propelled Saad to come up with two historic device inventions. He also played a great role in developing some new friendlier surgical procedures. For the 40 years, Saad has been in the medical field, he has treated patients from different countries.


He could organize some medical mission services in the US and also in other countries. West Bank and Jerusalem are some of the countries with a broader understanding of his medical missions. He found it quite unfortunate that some poor children lived with compromised health because they couldn’t afford to pay for the surgical procedures they needed. This made Dr. Saad Saad sad. For this reason, he gave himself away and offered pediatric surgeries to the needy children with no cost aspect attached. Saad is among the people who believe that what you get makes a living, but you make a life out of what you give.


His passion for the patients made him come up with a medical catheter, which was his first medical invention. Saad knew the doctors would solve a myriad of medical problems using this tube due to its numerous functions. When inserted in the human body, Saad noted the catheter made surgical procedures more efficient. It also made it possible for the doctors to treat numerous medical conditions. Dr. Saad Saad has found that the doctors can access the gases, drain fluids, and access surgical instruments in the patient’s body using a medical catheter. While some catheters are meant for temporary use, others can stay in the human body forever. Endoscopes happen to be Saad’s second medical invention. The surgeons use endoscopes to get a visual image during surgery. Many surgeons find endoscopes effective when viewing the patient’s urinary bladder, colon, windpipe, throat, and stomach. Learn more :