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The Best Mobile Carrier to Use

When looking for a mobile carrier that offers unique services that are high quality that come at an inexpensive price, check out FreedomPop, a company that was recently founded and that has since then become an international sensation. This mobile carrier was founded in 2014 by Stephen Stokols in Los Angles as a way of providing individuals around the world with a unique mobile carrier that is also convenient for large families with little money. It is the belief of Stephen Stokols that wifi and mobile carriers should no longer be considered a luxury, but instead should be considered a right for everyone.

If phone bills are increasing in cost or the family has been growing exceedingly larger, FreedomPop may be a service to checkout. It is a service that is particularly beneficial for parents who have children that have gotten to the age to have a cell phone. This alternative presents an opportunity to purchase data services rather than data connections. These data services that are purchased include voice, text, as well as data.

The free data services included in the FreedomPop plan include 500 MB of data, 200 voice minutes, as well as 500 text messages. All of these services rely specifically on wifi hot-spots which makes it cheaper for all of the customers of this unique network. This wifi hot-spot is best used in more urban areas where hot-spots are spread out to over 10 million hot-spots around the world in more urban areas. Wen living ii rural area, this may not bee the best plan. If living in a more rural area, contact a friends who lives in the area with FreedomPop or look up reviews of the carrier in the area.

In order to provide a high quality service, FreedomPop uses Sprint to carryout the customer’s needs. If an individual who wishes to switch to FreedomPop and was originally a Sprint user, the switch can be instant and does not involved the need to change the phones to a FreedomPop phone. This option gives customers of FreedomPop the access to many different options for phones when it comes time to pick out a phone.

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