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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media Conduct

In an article from the Huffington Post by John. P David, he writes about the problems that companies face when their employees are in charge of social media for its image, or even the reflection that is given to the company from the employees’ pages as well. In one such instance when an employee oversaw a social media account, is when an employee of American Apparel posted a stylized picture of the Challenger explosion that happened in 1986. Although the employee probably did not mean any harm by it, it should be noted that all companies should have established rules when it comes to using social media accounts.

First, there should be an overall guideline for how media should be posted onto a website. With so many websites that are around for a business to gain exposure, it can be hard for a company to keep track of what the employees are doing. A guideline should be an easy way for an employee to find out what images are great to share and what is not.

Obviously, an employee should not post anything negative about the company on the company-run accounts, but there should also be disclosure about what is posted onto their personal accounts as well. For instance, if an employee posts an update on his or her own account that speaks negatively about the company, a potential customer might see that and decide not to visit the location or buy the product. It is for the best interest of the company to promote a positive image for itself with the employees, everything that an employee posts reflects how the company is viewed. Everything is crucial in the world of online marketing.

Although it would be time consuming for the company to monitor everything, it often will have to fall on the shoulders of the employees. Along with any great company, there should be a sense of open communication that will build for better marketing and sharing things online.