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Rocketship Education: What Every School Should Try To Be

The technological era has caused massive shifts across many different industries and fields, but the educational realm is, by far, one of the most significantly affected. As technology continues to advance, more and more schools are gaining access to digital resources. In schools all over the country, students are given tablets, computers, and other devices. This new accessibility is opening up a whole new world of opportunity for both teachers and students, but some are hesitant to embrace this change entirely.

To some extent, a level of hesitance is important; radical changes without justification won’t improve education. On the other hand, technology is capable of so much, and education is doing itself a disservice if it doesn’t play into the strengths of the modern computer. Thankfully, a strong balance has been struck: blended learning. Blended learning seeks to combine the two into one effective package. Many schools have implemented blending learning into curriculum, but one organization sticks out: Rocketship Education.

Rocketship is an enormous proponent of blended learning. According to Preston Smith, CEO and co-founder of Rocketship Education, they are “staunch advocates for the purpose integration of technology to support student learning and promote student agency.” Generally speaking, technology is great at giving students independence because it allows students to self-adapt depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Rocketship also emphasizes the relationship between teachers and parents, and technology gives a unique platform for this relationship. By keeping lines of communication open between all parties, Rocketship intends to make the classroom experience more transparent, unlike some traditional schools, which sometimes keep parents in the dark as to what their children are doing in school.

Rocketship schools are located in many states, but the San Jose location is doing a remarkable job of helping underprivileged youth. Along with low-income students, San Jose is also home to a significant number of ELL (English Language Learner) students. Because of the gaps these students inevitably face, Rocketship has worked hard to spread schools in San Jose. Since 2007, Rocketship has launched 25 of their charter schools in the San Jose area. By creating a safe ecosystem for these students, Rocketship sets an excellent example for schools everywhere. In a nation where the education gap is widening rather than narrowing, Rocketship does an excellent job of pioneering educational equality.