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A Hero to Crumbling Buildings in Need: The Adventures of Jason Halpern

The endeavors of innovative real estate developer Jason Halpern and JMH Development made Miami waves recently in a news article heralding the successfully completed conversion and sale of hotel Aloft South Beach to The Gates Hotel South Beach. JMH development, a New York-based rental and commercial property group, has a long and storied tradition- widely recognized among industry peers for family values, career innovation, and teamwork. As founder of JMH, Halpern also serves as director of Parametric Dining LLC, a consumer electronics company specializing in mobile software.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Real estate development, also known as property development, revolves around processes such as lease processing, raw land purchasing, renovation, or even “re-leasing”. The real estate developer is the term for the individual, personnel, or companies involved, that organize and facilitate the completion of tasks associated with such. It is important to note that traditionally, the realm of real estate development excludes construction processes. Distinctively different from traditional real estate development companies, JMH Development will fulfill certain aspects and procedures of the construction process.

Jason Halpern: with Production

In a recent Miami Herald article, “Aloft South Beach hotel sold for $105 million- and now it’s The Gates”, the exploits of Halpern are detailed with headline-making energy. Known for expertise specific to historic building renovation, Halpern’s work with the Aloft was considered ground-breaking and “adaptive reuse” of Motel Ankara, an old South Beach staple. The Aloft was then sold successfully by JMH after a major overhaul and distinctive renovation.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Halpern maintains strong community ties and plays an active role in all stages of real estate development, from blueprint editing and concrete pouring to site design and image branding. The staff of JMH all follow core principles founded by Halpern which include a vast knowledge of marketing and construction related to both the residential and hospitality real estate sectors combined with mixed-use property development.

The Miami Herald also revealed hidden insight into how Halpern operates and what motivations led to the implementation and utilization of profitable real estate strategies. Halpern attributes success to “respecting the community in which you develop.”

Jason’s Family

Halpern maintains an active social media presence while volunteering time to causes that are in dire need. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center is one location where Halpern can be found contributing. Also involved with the Relief Society of Tigray, Halpern demonstrates the importance of donating time to causes worth fighting for, such as the battle for clean water. Seemingly simple, clean water is a blessing many take for granted. Targeting impoverished regions at various locations throughout Africa, the Relief Society of Tigray seeks to ease living conditions in remote dilapidated areas by creating stable and consistent clean water access and storage.

Omar Boraie Explains His Own Success Story

After more than four decades of real estate development success across New Jersey Omar Boraie has a lot to look back on and celebrate, but he is also looking to the future as he continues to look to expand his real estate portfolio across New Brunswick and New Jersey as a whole. Boraie set out on his real estate development journey in 1972 when New Brunswick was not the busy, bustling city filled with luxury office and residential space on; instead, Boraie remembers feeling unsafe on the streets early in the evening and knowing he was one of the few with the vision to bring abnout a successful change in the city.

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Omar Boraie now works with members of his family to bring real estate development success to many different areas of New Jersey, but also looks to the past to see just how far his work has taken him. Boraie began looking to buy real estate in the Aubrey Street area of downtown New Brunswick and purchased 21 lots before bringing his unique vision of an office tower with 250,000 square feet of what he describes as class A space. Omar Boraie has faced local government officials on who do not share his vision for the future, which includes his creation of a large residential and retail tower known as the One Spring Street Condominium.

Boraie has a vision that sees him look to bring a little New York style to the many different buildings and areas he has developed over his long career, which he feels is far from over as he sets his sights on Atlantic City’s many real estate development options. Boraie is not looking to take all the credit for the development of New Brunswick for himself, but instead looks to others who brought live theater and high quality restaurants on to the area to aid in creating a culturally diverse city all residents can be proud of.

TOWN Residential Secures More Market Coverage with 10th Location

Luxury real estate service provider, TOWN Residential recently sold 24 apartment units for $7.9 million. 22 of the 24 apartments are free market. Licensed real estate salespeople Tricia Donovan Mader and Tom Brady closed the sale.

When TOWN residential was only three years old, they opened their 10th location in Manhattan. The meatpacking district office is subject to a 15 year agreement.


The 7,100 square foot space encompasses the entire second floor and has 16 foot ceilings. The high profile office is located at 446 W. 14th Street, the space provides convenient access to the residential neighborhoods of the area. Other offices have merged with the space including brokerage Thomas & Ingram and the West Village office on Horatio St. Thomas & Ingram was fully acquired by TOWN in 2013.


The 10th outpost was created to cover TriBeCa to Hudson Yards area. The West Side high profile location was designed for high-end sales. TOWN Residential’s Chief Executive Andrew Heiberger plans on brokers taking advantage of being just feet away from the High Line. The landlord of the building, Thor Equities is a major investor of TOWN Residential. Thor Equities owns a great deal of space in the city making the company one of the largest real estate owners in the area. Joseph Sitt is the CEO of Thor Equities, owner of a large stake in TOWN Residential.


Crains’ has even named the real estate brokerage as one of the top 50 best places to work in New York. TOWN Residential has completed $9.5 million in transactions.

The number of bedrooms in 2015 totaled more than all of the rooms in the Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, The Plaza, and The Palace. The tenure of the representatives of the luxury real estate company is unmatched, totaling 2,500 years.


The company does more than simply connect prospects with real estate, they’re also involved in market research, branding, marketing, advertising, and more. More specifically, the new development division connects prospects to world-class contractors, interior designers, architects, and other specialists. The TOWN Marketing and Leasing division focuses more on multi-family assets


No doubt, if you’re in the market for real estate in the New York area, you’re bound to encounter TOWN Residential. The prized ability to conduct transactions on the chic private patio truly sets the company apart. The space is completely designed to appeal to brokers. The opening of the space confirms that TOWN is ready to grow, the expansion allows more market coverage.