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Roberto Santiago Opens A Revolutionary Shopping Mall

For a fifty-eight-year-old man, Roberto Santiago is doing well in business. The Brazilian entrepreneur has braced news headlines over the new modern shopping mall he established in Brazil. After years of service in his town, he gathered the courage to build a unique shopping mall that pleases most of his clients. The Manaira Shopping Mall is a real definition of a one stop shopping mall for all Brazilian families. This is Roberto’s leading success story given his humble beginning. His accomplishments include the Manaira Shopping Mall, but Manaira speaks concrete achievements about Roberto’s willingness to achieve the best results.




Roberto’s career in business began at Café Sana Rosa. He was committed to ensuring that consumers receive the best services in the eatery. Being visionary, Roberto decided to establish Manaira Shopping Mall. He selected a viable location for the business by setting it in Joao Pessoa. Since the establishment of the firm, Manaira has been ranked a leading shopping mall in Brazil. With the leadership of Roberto Santiago, the management supports consumers in every possible way. The team ensures that clients receive high-quality products and services from entertainment to banking. As an avid sportsman, Roberto ensures that the Manaira Shopping Mall incorporates all service providing outlets for different clients. He has received support from various households given these services.


Domus Mall


In Manaira Shopping Mall is an entertainment room called the Domus Hall. This room was launched in 2009. It has extraordinary space when it comes to actualizing the performance dreams of different artists in different categories of concerts, exhibitions as well as weddings and graduation ceremonies. The Domus Hall has the capacity to hold approximately more than 9,000 people. It features soundproof as well as air-conditioned walls. Aside from that, the Domus Hall has top notch sound equipment. It also incorporates a two-storey structure subdivided into particular cabins. This is for individuals with the need for privacy. The ground floor of the hall has a larger surface area for most public events. Since the launch of the hall, many tourists have visited Brazil with the purpose of attending events. This hall has played a key role in constructing the economy of Brazil.




Manaira Shopping Mall has several entertainment options. Some of the best options include the movie theater coupled with recent films. There is also a gaming section featuring state of the art equipment. Also, there is a bowling alley that incorporates modern equipment. The food court is another interesting feature of the mall having undergone various intensities of renovation since 2008 to 2014. The food court provides a variety of food for people with different budgets. From salads to cuisines, the Manaira Shopping Mall offers consumers a vast line of various foods from different cultures.