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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches Property Ordering Website

Nationwide Title Clearing is currently one of the leading providers of research and processing documents in the mortgage and finance industry. Just recently, Nationwide Title Clearing launched a new website where people from different parts of the country will be able to order their property reports.


The institution decided to introduce the website after many problems concerning title defects in the real estate industry came up. These title defects led to wrongful foreclosures and very slow transition of assets, especially in the secondary market. Experts working at Nationwide Title Clearing say that the title defects occur when entities or individuals lay claim on properties that are already owned by other people.


Several other factors can contribute to title defects in the modern times. If there are any wording mistakes found in the property documents, then the title is considered invalid. The real estate regulations in the United States also state that the omission of a necessary signature, wrong document recording, the presence of previous encumbrances and improper filing procedures can also lead to title defects.


John Hillman, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Nationwide Title Clearing says that it is important for property owners to ensure that there are no title defects when they start selling their properties. The newly updated website from the organization will be very helpful to the investors because they will be able to get access to paramount reports such as the Tax status report, assignment verification report service, tax status report and the current owner report. With these reports, it will be easy for the property owners to know the status of their documents. There will be smooth operations in the real estate industry too.


Nationwide Title Clearing was established in the year 1991, and since then, it has transformed the finance and mortgage industry. Unlike most of its competitors that are in the market, Nationwide Title Clearing uses several sources to obtain its data. The county offices are considered to be the primary source of information, and this means that the information on the company website is valid. The information is also verified before being published on the website to ensure that the property owners are safe.


In a recent press release, Nationwide Title Clearing officials said that the company is offering property owners more than just accurate information. The consumers will be able to benefit from the financial assessment report when ordering the property documents.