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The Inspirational Story behind Greyhound Diaries That Continues To Encourage Masses

Music has been termed as one way of relaxing and taking emotions and feelings away. As such, many people have found peace and tranquility in listening to many different types of music. The music vary depending on the type of message they intend to pass across. This has also led to the emergence of many musicians across the world that have invested in different genre of music. As a result, we have renowned musicians that have made big strides in life and are being celebrated in the international forum. United States of America is one particular country that has produced many musicians that have been in the limelight. Doug Levitt is a renowned musician come correspondent that has been documenting a lot of issue and addressing them through music. The Greyhound Diaries is the documentation made by Doug Levitt in trying to understand what every bus traveler in the United States of America passes through each and every day. He has traversed the entire country collecting information and experiences form people across all walks of lives that use public transport especially buses and address the issue through music and concerts. He uses The Greyhound buses for travelling and as such, he has taken the initiative of writing about the experiences he has had across the entire landscape. This has also enabled him address many challenges in life including economic, educational and social challenges.

Doug Levitt has been crisscrossing the landscape for the last 7years and has documented a lot of pictures and songs. He will be performing in the Kennedy Centre Millennium Stage where he will be singing and sharing pictures of his past experience in the travelling with The Greyhound Buses. He decide to change career to become an artist because he thought that was his calling as being a correspondent did not really go down well with him. His urge to return to America and concentrate in music was to ensure that the lives of many people are changed through music. He attributes his change of mind to the suffering nature of many people in parts of United States of America that have never been brought to limelight.