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Brian Bonar: A Strong Work Ethic and Vision

Brian Bonar is a Scottish entrepreneur who has achieved over 30 years of success in the business world. His experience in mergers and acquisitions along with his technical genius has made him unstoppable.

Bonar has held senior leadership positions in over a dozen different corporations. His experience would nurture a talent for seeing opportunity in a broad range of business ventures. Bonar’s success can be attributed to his knack for identifying and removing obstacles which can slow growth. He has developed a business vision which has been a blue print for success.

Brian Bonar developed his business philosophy through education and experience. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. He would go on to earn his Masters and doctorate degree from Staffordshire University. His engineering background would give him a technical approach to problem solving. He would acquire his business savvy through experience.

Initially, Bonar accumulated experience by working for IBM. He would work for IBM for 18 years in which he would obtain a senior leadership role. He would excel at being IBM’s procurement manager which gave him a taste of Mergers and acquisitions.

He would go on to become the Director of Engineering for QMS. Having a substantial amount of experience under his belt, Bonar would launch Bezier Systems. Bezier systems produced printers that were equipped with the SCSI program. This enterprise did not earn him great returns but it gave him broader business experience.

Brian Bonar’s formal education was mostly in engineering. However, by the mid 1990s he had developed a talent for sales and marketing. He also developed a capability to envision an entrepreneurial structure. He was especially good at constructing structures that could guarantee a successful enterprise.

Bonar had a reputation for strong ethics and hard work. In 1994 he would become Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Dalrada. By 1999 he would become CEO of the Dalrada Corporation. Dalrada was perfect for Bonar.

Dalrada specialized in building employee programs for different companies that would increase efficiency. They would also help manage company finances to maximize profit and ensure growth. Bonar excelled at Dalrada for 10 years as CEO but he wanted to take his vision to the next level.

In 2009 Brian Bonar formed Trucept Inc. At Trucept he has been able to execute his entrepreneurial philosophy for small and medium sized companies.

Trucept helps companies manage their payroll, human resource administration and employee benefits. The concept is that if you outsource your administrative responsibilities than the company can focus on business.

Brian Bonar has excelled in most of his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is popular in the business community for his strong work ethic. He presently resides in San Diego CA.