Trends at Loreal Paris under Leadership of Nicholas Kraft

Loreal is a company which dwells heavily on manufacturing and selling cosmetic products for both women and men all over the globe. The company was founded in 1909 and is based in Clichy, France. The company does offer products such as skin care and hair care, air fresheners, oral cosmetics, and also some nail care among other services in the line of beauty. The company facilitates its products through other beauty related companies such as Maybelline New York, Guy laroche, Redken amongst other companies in America and Europe. Nicolas Kraft is who studied at University of St. Gallen and INSEAD is the current general manager international at the company prior to which he was a vice president of global business development in the same company.

On the 30th day of September last year the company held on river Seine, in the central of France’s capital its second annual beauty show and fashion on a floating fashion walk. The company scooped the opportunity to be able to bring to light its ongoing endeavors in making fashion and beauty more reliable and reachable. The open event was attended by different strong names from the line of fashion, beauty, and also the screen of silver.

A whole line-up of different model celebrities had stood up for this event. Some of the models who were present included Eva longoria and the likes of Louise bourgoin participated in the walk. The show brightened on the area of creativity and diversity both of which was connected to the source of Loreal’s Paris inspiration. Some familiar celebrities like Nikolaj coster-wadau, the game of thrones actor and also the ski Paralympic games champion, Marie Bochet had also turned up in order to support the brands mission on this very day.

Being also a chance to showcase the latest looks of fashion as well as Nicholas Kraft determination of bringing beauty to everyone worldwide the company’s artist Val Garland and Stephane had created 70 hair and makeup look for this special event. With the presence of gigantic screens set up for the occasion it allowed different other individuals to watch for free from the segments of Seine.The event was a good motive for Nicholas Kraft to shun light to those who believe in the company

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